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Review of: Olloclip for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

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On 2nd February 2015
Last modified:25th January 2017

Overall I'm very impressed with the Olloclip for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and can't wait to take it away with me when I go travelling and skiing in a couple...

This 4-in-1 lens is specifically created for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices. The product features a wide-angle lens, a fisheye lens and 2 macro lenses that all work with both the front facing and rear facing cameras.

In the box you get a nice array of accessories including a lanyard, 3 different coloured plastic clips, 2 lens caps and a small microfiber bag. The 3 plastic clips come in black, blue and green and allow you to attach the Olloclip to your keychain or the included lanyard.

Olloclip Coloured Clips

To accommodate the new Apple devices the Olloclip has had to undergo a complete redesign and no longer just clips over the corner of the phone. Instead the plastic clip slides over the top edge of the device and aligns in the middle. There is then a small groove near the Olloclip lenses which guide them over your devices camera lens.

When you’ve got the clip installed on your phone the flash is covered and therefore you won’t be able to use it. This is an obvious drawback and one which may put a few people off the product.

You’ll have to swap out a small plastic adapter depending on whether your using the 6 or 6 Plus.

Olloclip Gold/White

Both the 10x and 15x macro lenses are actually built into the Olloclip body, whereas the fisheye and wide-angle lenses screw over these. These two removable lenses are manufactured from machined aluminium and have the type of lens they are etched onto the rim so you can tell which is which just by taking a quick glance.

I found attaching the clip onto the phone a very easy process and you can feel when the lenses are lined up correctly as it sort of snaps into place. What was a little more difficult was swapping out the iPhone 6 adapter for the iPhone 6 Plus one and vice-versa. After lots of prying and wiggling it finally became loose and I was able to install the 6 Plus plastic insert. Luckily for me I won’t be swapping it out regularly, but if you use both devices you’ll have to go through this process every time which can become rather annoying.

Image Examples

Macro (10x & 15x)

The macros lenses have to be my absolute favourite part of this product. The amount of detail they can capture is astounding and I’ve been taking some great pictures with both the 10x and 15x lenses. Both of the lenses have a shallow depth of field which means the area you actually capture is quite small and within very close proximity.

Olloclip Macro Example

Olloclip Macro Example 2

After taking quite a few pictures it seemed that even if you had a slight shake in your hand it would be noticeable on the images using the 15x macro lens. Not a massive problem just something to take into account, and maybe use something to help stabilise you when capturing.

Wide Angle

The wide angle lens does its job well by expanding the field of view and increasing the amount you can fit into a single picture. However there was sometimes a noticeable blurriness at the edge of the images.

Olloclip Wide Angle Example


Now I’m not a regular user of the fisheye lens, although I was presently surprised at how some pictures turned out. It adds an interesting twist to pictures that would otherwise be considered quite boring and I’ll definitely be using it more in the future.

Olloclip Fisheye Example


Overall I’m very impressed with the Olloclip for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and can’t wait to take it away with me when I go travelling and skiing in a couple months time. The compact and portable product can go with you anywhere whether your wearing it around your neck on the lanyard, on your keychain or just have it in your pocket.

If you previously owned the iPhone 5 Olloclip, there isn’t currently an upgrade version available so you’ll have to purchase the whole set which will set you back £70 over on their website.