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On 28th January 2014
Last modified:3rd September 2015

The Lollipod is not your normal tripod that you have to lug over you shoulder and carry around, instead it fits snugly in any small bag ready for when...

The Lollipod is not your normal tripod that you have to lug over you shoulder and carry around, instead it fits snugly in any small bag ready for when you need it. It’s a given that it won’t be as sturdy as your £100+ tripod, but the matter of the fact is that it’s not meant to be! It’s light, it’s small, it’s stylish and it’s brilliant…


The Lollipod has a lightweight frame made from anodized aluminium which weighs just 320g. The tripod can extend to a maximum length 1.2m and a minimum height of 32cm which means it can be used as a standard tripod, but also a monopod, boom, lighting stand, and if you’re into selfie’s, a selfie stand! The 3 support legs fold out from the bottom of the main column, which in itself is very clever. The main column actually has no locking mechanisms but instead relies on friction to keep the pole extended. We found the system to work extremely well and they seem to have the amount of force needed to extend the Lollipod perfected, ensuring it’s easy enough to extend, but tight enough to not collapse when fitted with a phone or camera.

Phone mount adapter

Located on the top of the Lollipod is the docking system. It is fitted with your standard tripod 1/4 screw and will fit most cameras although it is recommended not to mount any device that weighs more than 430g. This means any point-and-shoot camera you own should be absolutely fine but you may want to check or at least try first with larger DSLR’s before mounting. The mount swivels a full 360 degrees while it also tilts 90 degrees meaning to can set your phone or camera in every position to capture the perfect picture. It should be noted that to mount your iPhone you will have purchase an adapter which is sold by Lollipod but only costs £9.99.

Included in the package is a netted carrying bag and also a mesh stabilization net. The tiny carry bag is useful when on the move and has a plastic hook making it extremely easy to attach the tripod onto a bag or belt. Towards the bottom of the Lollipod bag is a small ‘hidden’ pocket into which the stabilization net is meant to go. It fits in nicely and is secured with a push button to ensure it doesn’t fall out. Because the tripod is so light people may be interested in how well it would actually perform in outdoor conditions. This is where the mesh net comes in. Made from the same material as the carry bag the triangular net has 3 hooks on each corner. These hooks fit nicely into the 3 holes on the tripod legs which create a platform in which heavy items can be placed. By doing this you are weighing the frame down and increasing how stable the tripod is. You can place pretty much any small, but weighted items into the net including stones or a bottle of water, which will hopefully stabilize (to a certain extent) any photos or images taken when outdoors.


Now of course if you’re looking to take high quality time-lapse videos or are heading out somewhere where there is likely to be high/excessive winds then you’ll probably want to look at other tripods available as the Lollipod just doesn’t offer enough stability for this type of photography.

Our Verdict

Overall the Lollipod is a must have accessory if you’re a budding new photographer or have been doing it for years. If you’re going on a long trip or just for a ride out on your bike, you can throw the Lollipod into any small bag leaving plenty of room for other items. The uses for this little tripod are endless from mounting your camera to creating a simple flash/light stand.

The product comes in a variety of vibrant colours including Coral Red, Violet, Icy Blue, Minty Green, Deep Blue Sea and our choice Cocoa Gold. This product won’t stand up to your more expensive tripods, but we doubt those will even come close to the portability and aesthetics of this beauty. Due to the design of the legs the tripod is best used on flat surfaces as well. You can pick up the Lollipod for just £29.99 in the UK over at or by using the link below.

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