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On 23rd January 2015
Last modified:25th January 2017

No more will you have to remove your SD card to view all of your images, instead the Eye-Fi Mobi deals with all of this by syncing the images across your...

Not all cameras come with Wi-Fi capabilties, and Eye-Fi have made it their job to change this by creating this clever little card which will automatically sync your pictures across all of your devices.

Out of the packaging the Secure Digital (SD) card is no different in terms of looks to any other card you may have used in the past. The only major difference is the bright orange colour of the card, but this is actually quite useful for finding it when its hidden at the bottom of a bag.

Eye-Fi Panorama

You can pick up regular SD cards pretty cheaply these days, and we managed to find an 8GB Kingston card on Amazon for just £3.58! The Eye-Fi 8GB card on the other hand will set you back £31.92 so there is a huge price difference between two cards, although you need to remember that Eye-Fi have also managed to squeeze a WiFi radio into theirs.

Setting it up is a simple and easy process. Firstly you’ll have to download a free mobile app available for iPhone and Android devices – no support for Windows Phone or Blackberry I’m afraid. Once installed you’ll need to create the connection between the two. This is done by entering a code which comes on the product packaging. You should then be connected and ready to start transferring photos.

EyeFi Mobile App Images 1

Ensure that you keep this activation code safe however, as you will need it when pairing with the other apps such as the desktop one. It’s not the most sensible idea having it printed onto something that you would normally throw away, and so I’d like to have seen it printed onto the card itself.

The app itself is called Eyefi Mobi and overall it’s quite decent. It includes basic photo editing tools such as cropping, editing and rotating, allows you to create albums as well tagging individual images. It’ll also allow you to view smartphone and DSLR images altogether and view your camera settings (EXIF data).

EyeFi Mobi App

Photos pushed from your camera will appear on your other devices just a few seconds after being taken, and although not instant, it’s still very quick! Images captured in JPG and PNG formats are supported as well as the video formats AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG and MTS.


No more will you have to remove your SD card to view all of your images, instead the Eye-Fi Mobi deals with all of this by syncing the images across your devices. It’s available in 3 different sizes 8GB (£33.33), 16GB (£41.66) and 32GB (£58.33). Considering the storage capacity of these, they’re very expensive and for those who take a lot of pictures, you’ll be disappointed to know that there isn’t a 64GB version.

Despite being a great product which works seamlessly, they’re very expensive and I still wonder if people will be willing to pay the extra just so they don’t have to manually plug the card into their desktop or laptop. Nonetheless I still find them very impressive!