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On 14th February 2014
Last modified:3rd September 2015

Many people question the quality of vinyl skins, but when purchasing from dbrand you need not worry as they use the finest quality and genuine 3M...

There are so many ways these days to make your phone stand out from the crowd and most people choose a case. Cases provide not only a different looking device but also offers protection for your expensive smartphone or other electronic device. For some of us, like myself we prefer not to have a case on our device but still want to make it look unique while not adding additional bulk. This is where the fantastic dbrand vinyl skins come in.

PS4 Yello Vinyl Skin

Many people question the quality of vinyl skins, but when purchasing from dbrand you need not worry as they use the finest quality and genuine 3M vinyl material. This is the same vinyl material that is used to wrap many luxury cars including the infamous gold Bugatti Veyron that is owned by singer/rapper Flo Rida – estimated to be worth a huge $1.7M.

In terms of quality dbrand really do offer some of the highest quality skins for your electronics devices. Not only this but the precision they are cut too is immaculate. They offer a nice range of different finishes including carbon fiber, brushed titanium, mahogany, leather as well as powder-coated true colours. If you have a multi-panel device such as the PS4 then you can also customise each panel to a colour/texture of your choice which is nice to see. Each of the finishes are completely unique and offer your device a different look. The carbon fiber feels superb in the hand, as well as the leather and the brushed titanium really could be taken as real until it’s further inspected. We compared the skins we received and the cutting of them were pretty much perfect and fit the devices with complete precision. This is normally a difficult process for companies such as dbrand, but they seem to have mastered it.

You can see an example of each in the below image:

dBrand colour choice

If you’re looking primarily at something that will add protection to your device then unfortunately the dbrand skins may not be what you’re looking for and a case may better suit you. Looking at the skins from a protection point of view then it’s really just a thin piece of vinyl and won’t add much if any protection to your smartphone or other device. Each skins arrives pre-cut so you can start applying as soon as it comes through your door. For the iPhone 5s device you receive a front a panel, back panel as well as 2 side pieces. The only difference between the iPhone 5 set is that you won’t receive a front panel which is a little annoying as we don’t think the two would differ much. Although we tried a 5s set on an iPhone 5 and its works perfectly fine, so if you do want that added front piece then opt for the 5s set.

To get an idea of just how thin the skins are, I have a tempered glass screen protector installed and thought I would try to install a carbon fiber skin on top of this. The vinyl adhered perfectly and added very little extra bulk on top of the screen protector. This meant that I could have the added protection on my screen as well as making it look unique. In my opinion this is brilliant and something that is rarely achieved by any company.

PS4 Vinyl Skin 2

What we believe puts most people off spending their hard earned money on vinyl skins for their phones is the application process. Most of us aren’t skilled in lining up screen protectors and applying multiple parts of a skin you would think makes it even worse. Well, with these vinyl skins you have nothing to be worried about. The skins are so pricesly cut that lining them up is surprisingly easy. Whats better yet is if you do happen to get it wrong then because of the high quality 3M adhesive you can peel off the skin and reapply. Their website also details instructions on how to apply skins to all of the different devices they sell for. You can check them out by clicking here.

Red Carbon Fiber Skin

We’ve been using the red carbon fiber skin on our iPhone for just under a week now, and after bumping, knocking and scratching our phone the skin shows absolutely no signs of wear and tear. Something else we noticed is that unlike cheap skins you can buy, dbrand’s take on them don’t start to peel up at any corners after a little use. This is great to see and further proves the quality of them.

Our Verdict

Overall we absolutely love the dbrand skins and they are on offer for quite a large range of devices including smartphones and also some games consoles. The quality of the skins is simply the best out there and when removed no residue is left on the device at all. With one of these installed on your smartphone you’re guaranteed a few interesting looks while people try to work out how you have achieved this amazing yet unique look on your device. Prices vary depending on what device you are looking to purchase for but the iPhone 5 version costs $16.00 (No front skin) or for the iPhone 5s version $24.00. Use the link below to purchase yours over at dbrand.com, you definitely won’t regret it.

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