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Review of: Braun WaterFlex

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On 15th December 2014
Last modified:6th December 2016

The Braun WaterFlex (WF2s) gave a surprisingly good and close shave, as well a being a very nice product to use. Using the shaver in shower saves all...

The Braun WaterFlex is a swivel-head wet & dry shaver. It can be used in the shower with water, foam, gel and most other shaving products. Although electric shavers are a huge market most men still prefer to manually shave as it normally gives a closer and more consistent shave. However times are changing and as electric shavers continue to improve the gap in shave quality between the two is closing. Lets see how the WaterFlex performs.

WaterFlex Packaging

It’s a known fact that the best shaves happen straight after you’ve been in the shower or warmed your face, as the warm water softens the skin allowing for a closer shave. The WaterFlex takes full advantage of this by allowing you to use it while in the shower. You don’t have to worry about getting it wet as its 100% waterproof (IPX7 rated).

The handle is imprinted with tiny dots to provide a non-slip grip which is especially useful when using in the shower as dropping this could damage the shaving foils. The overall ergonomics of the product are also great and fits into your hand very well making it comfortable to use. The actual shaver head swivels up to 33 degrees which allows it to follow the contours of your face and get into places which you may find more difficult with an electric shaver.

WaterFlex Under Water

On the front of the product you’ll find the power button and hidden under the black plastic center there are a couple of LED battery indicators. The LEDs will blink green during charging or when in use, and when fully charged will light up continuously. When low on charge the LED will blink red although it should provide enough charge to finish your shave. On a full charge you should be good to go for up to 45 minutes of continued use. For safety purposes the shaver will only function when not charging.

Most electric shavers can be quite a pain clean, but the Braun WaterFlex was a pleasant surprise, and simply running the shaving head under clean running water should remove any shaving foam/gel residue and any hairs. However every once in a while you may want to use the included brush to clean it properly. This is made easy and using two buttons on the side of the head you life the shaver foil to clean the inner area of the shaver head.

WaterFlex Shaver

So how does it actually perform? Surprisingly well! The 3-blade cutting system that were accustomed to seeing in this type of shaver cuts cleanly and the swivel head does its job very well by adjusting to the different contours and shapes of the human face. After finishing the shave I flipped the shaver around and pushed up the integrated trimmer to activate it. This is perfect for trimming sideburns or any slightly longer hair before you shave.


The Braun WaterFlex (WF2s) gave a surprisingly good and close shave, as well a being a very nice product to use. Using the shaver in the shower saves all important time in the mornings, and saves you having to do one and then the other. Inside the WaterFlex is a ‘no-memory’ Li-ion battery which means unlike your smartphone the battery won’t deteriorate over time and you can be sure that it’ll continue to keep its charge for the foreseeable future.

It comes four different colours black, white, red and blue so you can choose the one of your liking. You can check the price by hovering on the Amazon button below!

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