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Review of: Braun CoolTec CT2s-w Shaver

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On 13th January 2015
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With the Braun CoolTec CT2s-w you can wave goodbye to uncomfortable shaving and razor burn. The razor is heavier than most and with its chunky design you...

The Braun CoolTec shaver is slightly different from most other electric shavers you’ll find on the market, as it boasts something the company call ‘active cooling technology’. This means that it actually cools your skin as you shave to reduce irritation and redness.

Braun Shaver Front/Side

When removing the shaver from the box, the first thing I noticed was its weight. In the hand it feels heavier than most other electric shavers, although not to heavy that it’s uncomfortable to use. In my opinion this actually shows the quality of the build and just by feeling the product I’d expect it to last a while.

The shaver is built for wet and dry use and is waterproof up to 5m, so you’ll have no problem using it in the shower. Thankfully the handle is partly covered by a rubberised materials which helps with grip when using in wet conditions.

CoolTec Technology

The main attraction of this shaver is obviously the cooling feature – so how do you use it? On the handle, located just above the power button you’ll find a large blue button. Simply push the button to activate and watch as the snowflake symbol glows blue. Within a few seconds it’ll be cool and you’ll be ready to begin shaving. The cooling bar will work most effectively when dry shaving.

I normally receive quite bad razor burn and am always left with sore red patches after shaving so decided to test out the CoolTec technology to see if it actually worked. Throughout you can definitely feel the cooling element doing its job and it gives for a much more pleasurable shave compared to most others I’ve used. There was also a noticeable reduction in skin redness. Overall it seems like the real deal and I was very impressed.

Thermal Imaging Face

As with most electric shavers you’ll find a built-in trimmer, which you simply just slide upwards to activate. Either side of the trimmer you’ll see a metal contact point which is used to charge the shaver in the dock. A full charge will take around 45 minutes, however you can easily get a single full shave from a 5/10 minutes charge.

It’s worth noting that the cooling function will use up more battery, so if you’re heading away for a couple of days and want to save battery it’s worth keeping this function disabled.


With the Braun CoolTec CT2s-w you can wave goodbye to uncomfortable shaving and razor burn. The razor is heavier than most and with its chunky design you may find it difficult to get into some of the more awkward places on your face. Despite this it gives a close shave, and the somewhat novel way to keep your face cool actually works really well!

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