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Review of: Braun Body Groomer BG5030

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On 17th August 2016
Last modified:6th December 2016

The Braun Body Groomer BG5030 is a great all-round product incorporating trimming, grooming and clean shaving technology into a single unit. At a more...

Just like the weather, fashion is constantly changing and people are tailoring their look to what is currently classified as ‘in’. Hirsuteness once defined how masculine you were, but fast forward to today and you need just walk outside to see that many men are embracing the cleanly groomed look.

The Braun BG5030 is a marketed as a body groomer which means it can be used anywhere on your body where you have hair, whether that’s your face, back, armpits, groin, legs or anywhere else!

BG5030 Body Grooming

Inside the box you get the body groomer, 3 trimming comb attachments, an extra Gillette Fusion blade, charging stand, shower hanger and a pouch to keep everything in.

The trimming combs snap on over the teeth and are labelled: long(8mm), medium(3mm) and sensitive(0.6mm), perfect for when you don’t want to clean shave. The sensitive comb improves safety and should be used for delicate areas such as the armpit or groin.

I personally love the design of the trimmer and has been designed with a soft power grip, hard ribs and a grip cavity for your thumb to rest. All of these things bundled together give you excellent control and stability when using.

On the back you’ll find the Gillette razor on an extendable arm. In the lowest position, it will do nothing and this should be used when you’re just trimming. The trimming element features smaller teeth than regular beard trimmers helping to minimise nicks and cuts.

Gillette Razor BG5030 Body Groomer

The middle position is for combining trimming and clean shaving in one movement. The trimmer will first remove thick excess hair, while the Gillette blade follows behind removing the stubble left over. This worked brilliantly during my testing and saved me a lot of time doing both a trim and wet shave in one go.

Finally, the extended position is if you’re looking just to wet shave. This will skip the trimmer (no need to power on) and just use the Gillette blade. 2 Gillette Fusion blade cartridges are included and feature 5-blades to offer maximum shaving comfort with minimal skin irritation.

BG5030 Body Groomer Waterproof

The BG5030 is powered by a rechargeable battery, allowing you to pick it up and freely move around with it. A really nice addition that Braun include is the charging stand. After every use you can place the trimmer into the stand and it will begin to charge through the magic of inductive charging.

A full charge takes 14 hours, which will give you up to 50 minutes of cordless use. And if you’re using everyday this is more than enough time for a full charge before you’re next use. This way you’re never without power when you need it.


The Braun Body Groomer BG5030 is a great all-round product incorporating trimming, grooming and clean shaving technology into a single unit. At a more than reasonable price of just under £35, it’s not only affordable but also performs extremely well.

I’ve been using this for the past couple of weeks and so far haven’t had a single bad thing to say about it. So if you’re looking for an affordable all-over body groomer the BG5030 is well worth taking a look at.