Review of: Fitbit Flex

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On 15th November 2013
Last modified:24th February 2017

An in depth review of the Fitbit Flex activity sports tracker. This nifty device is small, comfortable to wear and packs a whole load of features.

Announced and released this year by the Fitbit company, the Flex wristband tracks your calories, steps, distance, VAM (Very Active Minutes) and even sleep. You can also input data such as your weight, water consumed and a whole bunch of other information.

This product follows Fitbit’s similar and successful tracking devices such as ‘The One’, which was a stand-alone tracker that you simply put into your pocket when running or walking, and the information was displayed on a small screen on the device itself. Also the ‘Fitbit Zip’, which was a similar device to The One.The main difference between the devices is that the Flex is actually a wristband so follows the likes of the Jawbone Up and also the Nike FuelBand, it’s 2 main competitors at the moment.

The product comes in a vareity of different colours, the 2 standard are black and slate, with another 3 additional colours only available at specific places which are: teal, tangerine and navy. (You can head over to the Fitbit website to view all of these colours).

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x Fitbit Flex Tracker
  • 1 x Small wristband
  • 1 x Large wristband
  • 1 x Charging cable
  • 1 x Wireless USB dongle
  • (You will also need to set-up a free Fitbit account, instructions on how to do this are also included)

So I have been using my wristband for around a week now, but so far nothing has really amazed me about the product. The wristband itself is comfortable to wear and I find that it doesn’t get in my way at all, making it fine to wear when sleeping, typing or doing any normal daily activity. On the fitbit website they state that the product is “water-resistant” this does not mean waterproof, and although its fine to take a shower or a run in the rain wearing it, it’s not suggested that you go for a swim wearing this thing. I must say though that I have showered wearing mine many times and where you insert the tracker into the wristband acts like a small water trap, trapping water inside and steaming up the transparent plastic window where you see the LED indicators.

The main purpose of the tracker is to track your activities and relay this information to you. What I find difficult to understand is when I have just left bed, how I have  managed to burn 800 calories and walk over 0.8 miles?

Over the past week of testing I found that some of its statistics are way out of sync and even typing on a keyboard seems to add to my number of steps and distance walked. Along with this the sleep function seems to work out the amount of times you woke up by the movement of the wristband, so when trying to get to sleep I tend to toss and turn, and therefore one morning I woke up with my Fitbit telling me I woke up 39 times in one sleep, I find this very very hard to believe.


Although I do like this wristband a lot, I feel that people purchase it for it’s tracking purposes, and if the information displayed is not true of that then I think this deflates the rating of this hugely. I shall continue to wear mine for the time being and see how it carries on, but if I’m being perfectly honestly you could probably pick up a £10 pedometer that will give you these statistics.