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Review of: The Joy Factory Tournez C-Clamp Mount - MagConnect

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On 21st March 2014
Last modified:3rd September 2015

We've got our hands on the Tournez C-Clamp Mount - MagConnect for the iPad 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation. Pretty much all of the mounts use the same...

The Joy Factory offer quite a large range of different mounts and stands for iPad models. This includes those which are free standing, wall mounted and also those which clamp onto a variety of surfaces. We’ve got our hands on the Tournez C-Clamp Mount – MagConnect for the iPad 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation. Pretty much all of the mounts use the same materials and the concept behind them all is exactly the same.

Tournez c-clamp packaging

In the package you get a hard-shell iPad case which really isn’t anything special and if I’m perfectly honest it feels a little bit cheap and tacky, as well as being aesthetically boring. The case is covered in a black textured, rubber material which helps you to grip the case when not mounted. It adds good protection to your iPad and leaves all of the functions and features of your device accessible.
On the back you’ll notice quite a prominent round disk sticking out from the back. You unscrew the cap, which tries to blend in with the rest of the device by using the same materials as the case itself. Once unscrewed you’ll find a round magnet with a small screw hole in the middle which is how the case attaches to the actual mount. When you remove the case from the mount simply re-screw the cap back on and you can continue using the case.

Tournez c-clamp In Use

Moving onto the actual mount and once it’s out of the packaging you’ll see how compact and small it actually is. Firstly you have the c-clamp which is made from heavy duty metal and uses a screw system to tighten the clamp around surfaces. The clamp works great when attaching to a flat surface or even a round pole thanks to the grooves cut into the grips. Tightening the grips is easily done and if you’re gripping onto a surface such as marble you can use the 2 rubber pads included to ensure it doesn’t cause any damage or slip off.

Extending from the metal clamp you’ll find a carbon fiber arm which measures around 6 inches. It uses a ball joint and therefore can be adjusted to any angle or height for the most comfortable viewing and hassle-free operation. You then lock the arm in this position using another plastic tightener. As it’s made from carbon fiber you can be certain that the arm is incredibly strong and it also looks great which is an added plus.

Tournez c-clamp connection

At the end of the arm you’ll find another ball joint with the iPad connector attached. We love the MagConnet system and it’s incredibly easy to use. Because it’s magnetic you don’t have to spend time trying to align the case with the connector instead it just snaps into place. It’s not just magnetic though, there is also a metal red desk which screws into the hole mentioned earlier providing a more sufficient grip to ensure your iPad doesn’t come loose.

Our Verdict

The Joy Factory Tournez C-Clamp is a great iPad mounting solution and is extremely solid and stable. With the use of ball joints you can position your device in any position you wish whether it’s landscape for movie viewing or portrait for browsing. The iPad case included isn’t exactly the best looking case on the market but it does have the all important magnet and screw connector on the back so unfortunately you’ll have to stick with it.

This sort of accessory is not for everyone and we think it’ll be used most either in an office or warehouse, but can of course be used at home as well. This mount will set you back just shy of $100 and so isn’t cheap. However there have been no compromises in the build quality and we’re a big fan.

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