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On 3rd February 2014
Last modified:3rd September 2015

The original OCDock comes in two different versions, the standard OCDock and the OCDock mini. What started out as a kickstarter project has now...

Yes we have another product from OCDesk, and this time it’s a great little dock for your iPhone, iPod or even iPad. This product would not look out of place being sold by Apple and fits in absolutely perfectly with the iMac range. The OCDock comes in two different versions, the standard OCDock and the OCDock mini. What started out as a kickstarter project has now progressed in to a high quality product which we are used to seeing from OCDesk (Obsessively Clean Desk).

OCDock Mini Box & Product

The OCDock Mini is manufactured from high quality aluminium that blends in effortlessly with your iMac display. You couldn’t be blamed for thinking it looks like a pretty standard dock with a cheap-ish USB cable attached when unboxing. The packaging of the product is very attractive and again looks like it has just come from the Apple manufacturing line. The box contains the OCDock Mini, a small instruction booklet and also a small zipper bag which contains 4 extra 3M adhesive pads. A nice little touch is that within the small instruction booklet there is a small template which you can use to ensure that you stick dock exactly central on your iMac stand. Unlike most docks on the market this little guy doesn’t use rubber or plastic feet to help it stand or grip but instead on the bottom of the dock is a small adhesive strip which actually sticks onto your iMac stand. The residue free tape is ultra thin being only 0.08mm thick, but my goodness does it stick well. During our tests we were actually able to move the iMac/Thunderbolt display around just by using the dock. This means pushing the display forwards and backwards just by applying force to the dock, and didn’t budge in the slightest. While adhesive strips wouldn’t exactly be everybody’s choice, if you do happen to make a mistake to can simply remove the dock and try again. OCDock on iMac Probably one of the best features about this dock is the extremely thin cable. OCDesk claim it is the worlds thinnest iPhone cable and we believe them seeing as it is the width of a single sheet of paper. The magic happens when you install the dock and you run the cable under the Mac stand, making it appear that the dock is wireless yet still receiving power to charge and sync your iPhone.

Features You Can Use The OCDock Mini For

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  • Accept calls on OSx
  • Shortcuts
  • External Screen

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  • Skype / Facetime
  • Display favorite apps
  • Text via the computer


Our Verdict

The aluminium body of this dock blends in perfectly with your iMac display giving you what looks like a cable free work-space that no other docks do. The OCDock mini will set you back $79.00 which does seem quite a lot of money to part with for a simple dock. One you start using the product however you’ll soon realise how useful it is and  wonder how you ever managed without it. If you’d like to purchase the OCDock Mini, or browse through their other quality products, head on over using the link below.

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