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On 28th February 2014
Last modified:24th February 2017

The Kenu Airframe uses the air conditioning vents using the little rubber claw on the rear. The claw caters for both thin and thick air vents by having a...

Finding a universal solution for docking your phone while in the car can be hard to find, and you don’t want to have purchase another mount if you get a new phone purely because it doesn’t fit in the old one. This is where the Kenu Airframe comes in which hopes to cater for most if not all smartphones on the market and therefore in turn should save you some money.

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The main problem with designing a product like this is that all cars are different and therefore designing a solution that fits all can be quite difficult. Like a lot of other car mounts the technique used by the Kenu Airframe uses the air conditioning vents using a little rubber claw on the rear. The claw caters for both thin and thick air vents by having a slot for each. The claw can be rotated so you can dock your phone in either portrait or landscape using whichever slot is needed. The rubber claw works well and the grip on the vents is actually pretty stable even when going over road bumps, your device stays pretty still.

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Inserting your phone into the mount is simple and is done so by pulling the 2 jaws apart and then placing your phone into the space. Once you let go of the jaws they will automatically retract and grip your phone tightly. We did find however that the grip was so tight in fact then when trying to remove your device the whole mount actually game off as well.

Kenu Airframe Mounted With iPhone

The Airframe measures under an inch in height and is just over 2 inches long. It is mainly manufactured from moulded plastic as well as a strong rubber which will help to grip your phone. It will cater for pretty much all smartphones except the Galaxy Note 2 and 3, which are just too wide. This includes phones such as the iPhone 5/5s and also the Samsung Galaxy S4. It should be said that tablet aren’t supported either.


For such a simple product the Kenu Airframe is a very good in-car mounting solution. The rotating rubber claw works great if not a little too well that when you want to remove your device it just wants to stay attached. The product will set you back $24.95 and for what you get in the tiny box we do think it will put a few people off. But if you have been struggling to find a decent way to dock your phone in the car then you may want to give the Airframe a go.