NETGEAR R6250 Router
Review of: NETGEAR R6250 Smart WiFi Router

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On 12th July 2014
Last modified:6th December 2016

The NETGEAR R6250 includes is Beamforming. This great little feature detects where devices are located when connecting and the router will then beam the...

Most people choose to stick with the default routers that come packaged with their broadband out of ease of use and also to save money purchasing something that they already have. What people don’t realise is that these routers really do restrict your use and there is so much more you can get from purchasing a separate router from a company that really knows about their technology. One of these companies is NETGEAR and today I have the R6250 Smart WiFi Router.

NETGEAR R6250 Router Packaging

On opening up the packaging you’ll be faced with quite a large black slab. Whether or not you like the design will be based purely on personal taste but we’re not the biggest fans of it, even if it is minimal. The front is finished with a glossy black which will no doubt attract dust as it sits on your shelf doing its thing. This being said there is definitely worse looking routers on the market.

Aesthetic looks aside the router is very well built and ports/buttons have been strategically placed. The sides and back contain ventilation grills to help keep the device cool while its beaming your signal out. Located on the side you’ll find a WiFi on/off button which is actually quite rare to see on a router these days as well as your standard WPS button for connecting to devices quickly. On the front glossy surface you’ll find four icons which will illuminate depending on your connection and whether or not you have USB devices connected. On the back you’ll find your usual array of five gigabit Ethernet ports, reset switch, power button and a USB 3.0 port.

NETGEAR R6250 Router Back

Packed inside the router you have three 5GHz and two 2.4GHz wireless antennas which means you don’t have the ability to point these in the direction which you’d like the signal but fortunately NETGEAR have taken this into account.

This great feature that the NETGEAR R6250 includes is Beamforming. It simply detects where devices are located when connecting and the router will then beam the signal in that direction rather than in all directions like they normally do.

Setup of the router is very easy and you can access the web interface by typing in which is much easier to remember than typing in your IP address every time. There are a wide range of settings which can be accessed via the interface for both novice and expert users, so whichever you are you should have no problem using this product.


During our tests the router performed very well. The 2 different wireless channels were broadcast simultaneously and it was one of the fastest routers we’d ever used. The router costs around £109.99 but puts up an almighty challenge against even the fastest routers for this price. We’re very, very impressed with the R6250 and would definitely recommend it. To boost it even further we’d like to see an improvement in how it looks.