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Review of: Case Logic Snap View iPad Mini Case

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On 9th February 2015
Last modified:25th January 2017

Overall I think the Case Logic Snap View iPad Mini case is a great all round product. It offers your device decent protection again knocks, drops and...

When shopping for a case for your tablet or smartphone it’s all about personal preference and we all look for different things when picking out the perfect case. Some of us look for maximum protection whilst others purely focus on the design and fashion factor. I place myself somewhere in the middle of this and whilst it needs to go someway to protecting my device, its aesthetics are definitely a sway factor.

The Case Logic Snap View case consists of a plastic rear shell, while the front flap which when closed protects the screen is finished in a fabric material. The plastic shell feels rigid and ensures your iPad is covered on all sides to ensure no damage can come to your device, even if dropped.

Front edge Snap View case

You’ll find all the necessary cut outs for the speakers, rear camera, ports and buttons around the edges and they’re reasonably sized to ensure easy access and use.

On the left-hand side of the plastic shell you’ll find two small plastic feet. When I first looked at them I thought that holding the case would be very uncomfortable as they do extend past the fabric and therefore would rest in your hand. However when holding the case you really can’t feel them, and if you couldn’t see them, you probably wouldn’t know that they were there.

Case Logic Snap View Back

The folio part of the case isn’t attached to the edge of the plastic shell as you would expect it to be. Instead the fabric extends around the back of the shell and is tucked into slot here. It then appears to be glued down on the inside. Its an unusual design that I’ve not seen before it does have a purpose.

On the inside face of the folio cover you’ll find three individual grooves which is where the two plastic feet I mentioned earlier will sit. This gives you the option for three viewing positions all of which are set a decent angles and should provide a good viewing experience. You can also fold the cover over on itself which gives yet more viewing angles, but actually makes quite a good typing stand as well.

Case Logic Snap View Stand

As you would expect from Case Logic, they have included a couple of magnets inside the cover which will activate/deactivate your iPad sleep and wake functionality. In the bottom right-hand corner you’ll also find a small elastic strap to keep the cover from flapping open when your on the move or simply not using your device.


Overall I think the Case Logic Snap View iPad Mini case is a great all round product. It offers your device decent protection again knocks, drops and scratches while managing to remain sleek and actually quite good looking.

One thing I do dislike about the design is the two plastic feet or notches that stick out of the side, and despite not causing a problem when holding the case, when you look at it face on they stand out and look very odd.

The case comes in a variety of colours, which Case Logic have given rather weird names to including Athracite (Grey), Pomegranate (Purple), Baltic (Blue), Morel (Brown) and Phlox (Pink). You can check out all of these an Amazon!

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