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Review of: Thule Gauntlet iPhone Case

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On 19th March 2014
Last modified:23rd February 2017

The Thule iPhone case we have is the gauntlet case which fits the iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s. It comes in 5 different colours black, blue, grey, peony and...

We’ve reviewed Thule products in the past and they mainly specialize in outdoor equipment, so it does sort of make sense that they have a small smartphone case range. The Thule iPhone case we have is the gauntlet case which fits the iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s. It comes in 5 different colours black, blue, grey, peony and white. For those of you wondering what Peony is, it’s the pink case pictured above.

Thule Gauntlet Case Packaging

The packaging is made of a thick black cardboard with a transparent window so you can see the case in all its glory. Although black packaging with a black case doesn’t really stand out too much. To remove the case from the box you basically swivel the outer part clockwise and you can then go and pull the case right out. We’ve never seen a box use this system before and it’s nice to see Thule using ways to make the packaging more interesting as well as the product itself.

Once you get the case in your hands you’ll feel how light it is weighing just 0.08kg. It’s manufactured from a mix of plastic and EVA foam which helps to keep it light while still offering sufficient protection. The phone is held in place by a plastic holster which you simply clip your phone into. It’s not too hard to remove your phone either, although we’ve read some reports of people damaging the phone trying to remove it, when we tested we found no such problem after installing and removing multiple times.

Thule Gauntlet Case Packaging

Moving onto the back you’ll find a grooved texture which will help users to grip the phone when using the camera, gaming or just through general use. Toward to bottom you’ll also see a metal Thule logo recessed into the case, so it actually lies flush with the design. This is useful as it means the case keeps its slim profile and doesn’t get into the way when sliding in and out of your pocket.

Protection-wise the case is very good. The textured back doesn’t scratch easily but is also padded enough to resist bumps, knocks and drops. All features on the phone are still usable with cut outs into the plastic holster for the volume button, mute switch and also a large camera cut out on the back. The top and bottom of the case have been completely cut out so the case won’t interfere with the headphone port, speakers and charging port either. Thule have incorporated a small lip which actually hooks over the screen, so if dropped screen down all of the impact should be taken by the case and save your screen from cracking.

Thule Gauntlet Case Back

Our Verdict

It seems that Thule has pretty much thought about everything when designing the case. It looks and feels great, but also does the job of protecting your phone really well. This being said if we were purchasing we would probably go for one of the more colourful options as for us the black is a little boring, but maybe you prefer the more subtle look.

You can purchase the case over at and it’ll cost you 19.00 euros for the iPhone 5/5s version, and the slightly cheaper price of 15.99 euros for the iPhone 4/4s. You can head over there using the link below.

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