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Review of: Rocketcases Woody Hybrid iPhone Case

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On 6th March 2014
Last modified:3rd September 2015

Rocketcases sell a variety of iPhone cases and today we have one of their Woody Hybrid cases which is a hard rubber holster with the back encased in a...

Rocketcases sell a variety of iPhone cases and today we have one of their Woody Hybrid cases which is a hard rubber holster with the back encased in a nice dark walnut finish. The Woody certainly isn’t the only wooden case on the market that takes this approach as we’ve seen before with the Carved wooden cases.

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The case is a single piece unlike many completely wooden cases which you would normally see in two separate pieces that fit together over the phone. This is made possible thanks to the hard rubber holster which bends just enough to allow the user to clip in your iPhone 5/5s and remove it again with ease.

In terms of accessing the phones functions, they are all pretty exposed. The recesses for the mute switch and volume buttons are the right depth to make using them not too fiddly but then also covers them enough to protect them from a drop. We do prefer when the volume buttons have covers but unfortunately this isn’t included on this particular case.Rocketcase Woody Back

The edges of the case don’t protrude off the screen but instead lie absolutely flush with it. This makes using the swipe functions on the phone a much more pleasant experience than those which incorporate a small lip. Obviously in doing so you do loose some of the screen protection, and if you were drop the device on the screen it would take the full force. This being said if you happen to have a decent screen protector¬†(we recommend as tempered glass one)¬†then you should be fine.

The aesthetics of the case are great, and the real dark walnut grain gives each and every case a unique look. The camera cutout is nicely done and the edges of it are also smooth, something which a lot of cases fall down on. Toward the bottom of the wooden back you’ll find the small Rocketcases logo engraved into the walnut.Rocketcase Woody Installed on iPhone 5

Once installed on your phone, it will make your device a little thicker than you may have hoped for. This is mainly due to the thickness of the wood that is used on the back plate. Some would see this as a good thing whereas some won’t. Personally I quite like it and shows the quality of the work.

Our Verdict

Overall the Woody is a really nice hybrid iPhone 5/5s case. The rubber holster grips and secures your phone well and it also feels great in the hand. Some people may be put off with how much bulk it adds to your phone but we really don’t think it’s a big problem.
A lot of hybrid iPhone cases can set you back quite a bit of your hard earned money and is the main reason people are put off by purchasing one. The Woody Hybrid costs just $29.95 which I believe to be a reasonable price for an item like this.
You can purchase yours at the Rocketcases website below.

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