Quicksilver Canvas Folio Case Featured
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Marcus Wilson

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On 15th January 2014
Last modified:23rd February 2017

This is designed to fit the iPhone 5 / 5S but also available for the Galaxy S4. A fabric covers the entire case and is padded throughout to help protect from all bumps and drops that it’s likely to take if your buying a case for your phone. In terms of aesthetics the case doesn’t feature any bright, stand out colours but instead a nice silvery textured fabric is used. The inside of this case is covered in a brown leather, more silver fabric and the folding seams of the case a brown velvet. All of these materials used are soft to ensure that your screen remains scratch free.

Quicksilver iPhone case with phone & card

This is another case designed by Quicksilver, the popular surfing and outdoors brand. With this type of cover you cannot access the mute/volume buttons as they are tucked away inside the case. Both tabs that you see in the picture displayed above are magnetic, which when in close contact will automatically snap together and ensure the case remains closed. Not only does the product provide more than sufficient protection for your phone but also offered are two card slots on the inside of the case. Debit, credit, business cards, gift cards can all fit snugly into the 2 pockets, but would struggle to fit any more than this into them.

Quicksilver Case with phone standing

One thing I was a little disappointed with was the quality of the camera cut-out on the rear of the case. It feels extremely rough and a black rubber material covers where the hole has been cut. Even when brand new you can see that the fabric is already starting to come away. Overtime I think this would only get worse.


Priced at only £24.95 over at Proporta.co.uk the product is sure to be a great seller. Unlike the other Quicksilver cases I have reviewed this one brands their logo on the front in metal on a leather square.

Overall the case is nice and feels great in the hand. That being said because it’s a folio case it does add that little extra bulk that everybody is trying to avoid these days so may not take your fancy. But if you’re looking for that aesthetically pleasing phone case for work or everyday use, it’s definitely worth taking a look at.


Proporta have also relaunched their blog which you can check out here.

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