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Review of: Phonesuit Elite 5

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On 21st February 2014
Last modified:23rd February 2017

The Elite 5 is made for the iPhone 5/5s but they do also sell an option for the 4 and 4s if you're interested. Like all other battery cases on the...

We have previously reviewed the Phonesuit Flex Pocket Charger which we absolutely loved here at RoundReviews, and today we have another one of their products, the Phonesuit Elite 5 Battery Case.

The Elite 5 is made for the iPhone 5/5s but they do also sell an option for the 4 and 4s if you’re interested. Like all other battery cases on the market this case will extend the battery life of your mobile device using an integrated battery.

Elite 5 Case Packaging

The battery inside this case is 2,100mAh which is just less than the TYLT Sliding Case at 2,500mAh. With this amount of power you will be able to recharge your iPhone from 0% back to 100%, and indeed in our tests it did exactly that. It should also provide power for up to an extra 20 hours talk time / 20 hours video time or 80 hours music time. Battery cases are extremely useful accessories especially when your travelling and can’t find a source of power or if you just use power-eating apps/games.

When I first opened the package and revealed the case I wasn’t sure if I particularly liked the plastic design, but over time the curves and smooth surface have grown on me. Overall the case measures in at 137 x 62 x 15.5mm which makes it a little slimmer than some of the other battery cases.

Elite 5 Case Single

The case itself is 2 separate parts. You simply slip your phone into the bottom section and then lock it into place by attaching the top section to it. What’s really nice to see is that the headphone cut out on this case is extra wide and therefore an adapter is not included or needed. We did try it with an angled headphone jack and can confirm that it worked perfectly. The speakers are also visible through the end of the case which is unusual to see as they are normally covered with only a small hole. This means the speakers sound volume and quality are less affected while the case is installed.

Elite 5 Case Front

On the left hand side you will also find the cut-outs for the mute switch and volume buttons. These are quite deep and can sometimes be quite difficult to press. The camera hole on the rear of the case is nicely sized for the lens and also flash.
Also located on the rear of the case we have the power status LED meter. A quick press of the button will activate the meter and each light indicates 20% charge. It’s worth pointing out that when your phone reaches 100% charge the case will automatically shut off to try and conserve any power remaining in the battery.

Like most other battery cases your Elite 5 will come with a micro USB cable which is used to charge and also sync your phone.


Available in 2 colours, Metallic Black and also Ice Silver, this is a really nice battery phone case produced by Phonesuit. We really like the case and priced at $99 it costs around the same as similar options on the market if not a little more expensive.

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