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Review of: OCGlass Screen Protector

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On 2nd February 2014
Last modified:3rd September 2015

If you've never heard of OCDesk then I'm not sure where you've been, they deliver some of the nicest and highest quality products on the market. Today we are looking at the OCGlass...

If you’ve never heard of OCDesk then I’m not sure where you’ve been, they deliver some of the nicest and highest quality products on the market. Today we are looking at the OCGlass, which is an incredibly strong tempered glass iPhone 5/5s/5c screen protector.

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OCDesk state that this little screen protector is actually harder than steel and with it being rated 9H on the hardness scale it actually makes this nifty piece of glass as scratch resistant as sapphire – that’s pretty impressive! Once applied the screen protector will protect your iPhone screen against anything that’s likely to leave a scratch such as keys, coins, sand, cat claws and if you just happen to be using your phone as a chopping board, knives.OCGlass 2

The sheet of glass is less than 1mm thick, being just 0.15mm (0.006 inches) and therefore you can barely notice it on your phone. The only time I manage to notice that I have it installed is when you hit the home button, as you can feel a little more of a ridge around it. To be honest I actually prefer the feel of using the home button with the protector installed as it feels more button like and the rounded corners of the glass feel great. The screen seems to look more vibrant and the colours really stand out which makes me want to get one of these for every single device I own.

Once installed I compared the smoothness to another device with your standard plastic cover purchased from Amazon installed. I must say the results are so so impressive. The screen remains so smooth and doesn’t affect the sensitivity at all. The front has an oleophobic coating which helps to repel against liquids, fingerprints and also stains from things such as makeup.

All edges of the glass have been rounded to make them completely safe and in the rare occasion that the OCGlass does break it’ll keep it’s shape and not shatter. The optically clear polymer coating allows easy application and if you’re like me and awful at applying these things it gives you the opportunity to remove and reapply without loosing any adhesiveness. A great feature pointed out to us is that the screen protector is actually reusable, and when removed will leave no sticky residue.

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Our Verdict

The OCGlass screen protector is a very impressive product and certainly something that every iPhone owner should have. With a hardness rating of 9H you’ll have to do a lot of scratching of the screen to see even a small scuff. With the product installed on your phone you can now stop worrying about placing you phone in your pocket with keys or coins. You can say goodbye to the days when you had to change your flimsy plastic screen protector every month or so when you purchase the OCGlass.
If you’re still not convinced, head on over the the OCDesk website and purchase yours for just $29.00, we promise you’ll never again look back at the £2.99 for 10 offers on eBay and Amazon.

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