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Review of: The Hitcase Pro & ChestR

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On 21st January 2014
Last modified:3rd September 2015

Hitcase Pro looks like, this isn't any ordinary case of armor for your iPhone. This nifty case has some special abilities including being mountable to ...

Despite what the Hitcase Pro looks like, this isn’t any ordinary case of armor for your iPhone. This nifty case has some special abilities including being mountable to almost anything as well as an integrated wide angle lens to capture more of those moments you snap. This allows you to take your iPhone almost anywhere, record the moments and still have your iPhone in tact after your adventure.

If you’re looking for a super tough and rugged case for your iPhone you’ll probably struggle finding anything more so than this! The quick and easy latch system allows you to quickly lock in and remove your case. When first trying to open the case we found it a little difficult but did finally manage to get it open. Although taking us a while to get into we would rather this than having our phone getting wet or damaged. The latch system is made from a heavy-duty plastic which when closed snap shut reassuring you that they are indeed locked and secure. The case measures in a 5.38 x 3.13 x 0.68 inches (Height x Width x Depth), while the wide angle lens protrudes 0.43-inches and weighs 4 ounces. It must be said compared to other similar water/shock proof cases the Hitcase Pro is an absolute beast (brick).

Hitcase Pro Open

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Features of Hitcase Pro

  • Precision 3X Wide Angle Lens
  • Waterproof to 10m/33ft
  • Shockproof to 2m/6ft
  • Rail slide mounting system
  • Free companion Vidometer App

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Features of ChestR Mount

  • Comfortable fit
  • No tangle adjustable strap
  • Rail slide quick mount
  • Stow pocket


With the case installed most phone functions are still accessible one way or another. The headphone port is concealed with a rubber plug which to use must be removed, which can only be done so when the case is open. It goes without saying that when the plug is removed the case is no longer waterproof until it is reinserted. The volume buttons and lock/unlock button can all be used using the metal buttons on the case. The silent/ring slider is not accessible. Along the bottom edge of the case is the mount slider which is used to mount the case on the various array of accessories.

When inserting the phone you must ensure that it seats correctly otherwise you run the risk of the seals not aligning properly and putting your expensive piece of technology at risk of water damage. During our audio tests, voices are much quieter/muted and can be quite hard to hear even though the case has mic and speaker vents which are cut into the plastic body. Of course, a fixed screen protector is fitted into the case, although the plastic sheet unfortunately doesn’t lie flat on the screen which makes using the touch screen a little more difficult than usual. To use you really do have to push down quite hard to make the iPhone respond.

The wide angle lens does exactly what says by adding some field of view to your videos and images, but is limited to 170 degrees. Video quality will only ever be as good as the iPhone you are using and therefore it still seems the dedicated solutions such as the GoPro are better at producing crisper and sharper images.

As mentioned before there are an array of accessories available for the Hitcase Pro, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on one, the ChestR.

Hitcase ChestR Mount

After going for a run with the ChestR I can confirm that the chest strap is incredibly comfortable wear. I wore the product quite tightly to try and reduce the shake of the Hitcase Pro when running. Although it definitely helped with camera shake, the attached phone was still quite wobbly. An incredibly useful little feature is a small stow pocket in the back of the mount. This can easily hold money, a key or any small object relatively easily, and comes in use when you have a lack of pockets such as when you’re running.

Our Verdict

Overall the Hitcase is pretty much the best protection you can get for your iPhone in terms of cases, and although not the main function of the case, we think is a pretty high ranked one. In terms of using this for extreme sports Hitcase do multiple accessories to cater for every need, so your unlikely to be left in the blue with any sport you play. It definitely isn’t on par with the GoPro series just yet, but in all honesty it’s not meant to be. This is an accessory for your iPhone where the GoPro is a completely seperate solution, which pretty much guarantee’s its going to be that little bit better. Video quality will only ever be as good as the iPhone you are using but the wide angle lens definitely helps with capturing those memories.
For only $129.99 you can grab yourself a Hitcase Pro, just head on over to their website below!

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