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Review of: Gooey Skins

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On 19th March 2014
Last modified:24th February 2017

Although being able to stick to surfaces the Gooey skin is not sticky to touch and you can place it in your pocket without it attracting even a speck of...

We rarely get the opportunity to review a mobile accessory this weird and unusual. Gooey sticks to the back of your smartphone and will then allow you to temporarily adhere it to any smooth surface such as a mirror, glass, kitchen tiles and granite.

The main question you’re probably asking is why on earth would I want to stick my phone to a mirror or other surface. Well it would definitely come in use if you’re making a Skype call, watching a video or using your phone hands-free.

Gooey Skins iPad Air & iPhone 1

The skin uses a 3M adhesive and is securely stuck the the rear of your phone. We can confirm that it’s an extremely secure fit and doesn’t peel up at any edges even after lots of use. We actually preferred the feel of the phone with the skin installed as the bevel made it feel like it just flowed and had always been there.

The actual skin is made from a polyurethane epoxy which is what allows it to stick to a glossy surface. Although being able to stick to surfaces the Gooey skin is not sticky to touch and you can place it in your pocket without it attracting even a speck of dust or fluff. The skin is removable as well you don’t have to worry if you want the change skin/case, you can always use it again if and when needed.

Gooey iPad Air

Many people have been asking questions about using the Gooey in your car as either a satnav or hands free. We’ve tried this but unfortunately it didn’t work too well. The windows are curved and therefore the Gooey skin struggles to grasp enough surface to be able to stick. This is the same for the dashboard unfortunately, and because of it’s curvature the phone just didn’t stay in place.

I was skeptical when trying the product at first as I thought there was no way that it would support my phone, but surprisingly it did, and quite well I must say. Although working relatively well I’m still a little scared and on edge when it’s attached to a mirror and feel like I need to be cupping my hands underneath ready to catch it. Unfortunately I don’t think this feeling will go anytime soon either as after all you’re suspending an expensive gadget above the ground which at some point is pretty likely to fall and damage your device.

Gooey iPhone 5/5s

After saying all of this though in terms of what Gooey’s purpose is, it does it very well. The skins are nice and come in a variety of different colours which stand out. They also cater for a wide range of devices which is nice too see. The camera cut out is small which helps to ensure that you line up the skin correctly. It’s also beveled at all edges which makes it flow effortlessly with your device and it feels great in the hand.


I’ve actually found it quite hard to rate the Gooey and in the end I’ve decided to look at the usefulness of the product and how it would help people in everyday situations. If you find yourself wanting to mount your device to a mirror or other similar surfaces when making a Skype call or watching a video, then brilliant you can’t really fault it. But we also have to ask ourselves how many people find themselves in this situation enough to purchase a Gooey. Also if you do happen to purchase one you need to have the correct surface available to you at that particular time.

The Gooey skin for an iPhone 5/5s will cost you £15, while those for the bigger devices such as iPad Air are slightly more. You can read more about them by following the link.

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