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Review of: Davarg KANAM5 Leather iPhone Case

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On 20th February 2014
Last modified:3rd September 2015

The case is made from just one piece of full-grain leather which we definitely prefer than having different sections all stitched together. Available in...

We receive a lot of requests from companies to review iPhone cases but unfortunately we cannot cover all of them. We had been looking at the Castello DaVarg range of leather iPhone cases for a while now and they have been kind enough to send us one over to take a closer look at!

KANAM5 Case Closed

When I mention Castello DaVarg you probably wouldn’t recognise their name but after reading this I can guarantee that you’ll at least want to try out their products. Everyone of their products is handmade in Texas where they are currently based.

The case is made from just one piece of full-grain leather which we definitely prefer than having different sections all stitched together. Available in Karmel, Ember, Tirra, Kappi and Tobac there are enough colour choices to ensure that one takes your fancy. The leather it self is very thick and just adds to the quality of this case.

KANAM5 Side View

When you first look at the Davarg KANAM5 Leather iPhone Case you’ll notice that when installed it actually flips open to the right rather than the left like we are used to. Although there’s a good reason for this and it’s to allow easy access to the mute switch and volume button on the left hand side of the phone without having to open the case. It does take a little getting used to but certainly wasn’t a major annoyance.

On most flip cases like this you would expect some sort of clip in/out system, but DaVarg have decided to go with an adhesive pad. The pad consists of 35 individual adhesive contact points which are optimized for adhesion and also ease of removal. We were a little skeptical when first trying it out but we’re pleased to say that it did work rather well. You may also be surprised to know that they are reusable so if you’re always swapping cases then just be sure to reapply the backing sheet to keep the pad free from fingerprints and lint. The company can also replace the pad if necessary to do so.

KANAM5 Case Closed

As with most leather products you will need to give the case a couple of weeks to break in, and during this time you’ll find it difficult to actually fully close the case. When using the case, placing it face down and also in your pocket can help to speed up this process.

In terms of protection all corners are protected by the case. The
product measures 5.04 x 2.48 x 0.47 (Height x Width x Depth) making it just bigger than the phone itself. Because of this if you were to drop your device then it would be your case making contact with the ground.

In the box you receive your KANAM5 case and also EEVEs’ Leather Balm which helps to condition, rejuvenate and restore genuine leather.

KANAM5 Box Contents

Our Verdict

This case is of such high quality and as you continue to use it on your phone it will only get better. As the leather ages the colour, texture and look will also change creating a completely unique case that many will envy. Being priced at $45 this does place it at the upper end of the market but for this case in particular we definitely think it’s money well spent and gets our seal of approval.

You can check out the other colours and also DaVarg’s other products using the button below.

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