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On 5th February 2014
Last modified:25th February 2017

The carved real wood iPhone case is a high quality wooden iPhone case available in 42 unique and different designs. The popular hexagonal design costs...

There thousands and thousands of phone cases on the market these days so finding the perfect one can be extremely hard. People look for different features when looking for a case including protection, aesthetics and also usability/portability. I have managed to get my hands on a carved real wood iPhone case which we shall be looking at more closely. Real wood cases have been around for quite a while now and lots of companies manufacture them, but none sell them as cheaply as Carved do.

Carved Wood Case Packaging

Your Carved wooden case comes in a nice cardboard box with some quite cool graphics on the front. Through a small cut-out window you can see your wooden phone case in all it’s glory. On the back of the packaging is a small picture, a statement from the creators about where it was made and also social accounts of the company. Once you open the flap and reveal your case you will be amazed by the look and feel of it. On the inside there is a small thank-you notice and some other statements from the company asking you to send feedback if you don’t like the product but also tell people about it if you do.

When ordering a case from their site you can choose from an array of different designs. Each piece of grained wood is hand selected and all manufacturing is done in their very own shop in Indiana. Each product is also checked by hand which is something that is very rare these days so it’s nice to see a company taking this amount of care with their product.

Inside of Carved Wooden Case

We received the hexagon inlay design as shown above which consists of a large amount of different sections of wood shaped into hexagons. Each case that is created is unique and non are exactly the same. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, Carved is definitely the place you want to be looking.

Each of the unique wooden designs is set onto a plastic body which is what your phone is clipped into. You can get two different bases either black or a clear version. It must be said that it does make the product look a little cheap with plastic sides but in my opinion it doesn’t draw the attention away from the wooden feature. If future versions of the product are released I would like to see the removal of the plastic sides for something more fitting and aesthetically pleasing. All features of the phone are still fully accessible with the phone cover installed with cut outs for lock button, mute switch, volume buttons, headphones port and speakers.

Carved Wooden iPhone Case

With this being said Carved are currently hard at work manufacturing a completely wooden iPhone case with brass covers for the buttons. Therefore this eliminates the cheap-ish looking plastic sides with a completely wooden and extremely high-quality looking design.


Carved wooden iPhone cases are of high quality minus the tacky plastic edges, but with the case installed on the phone it isn’t much of a problem as all eyes are on the fantastic wooden design.

With an impressive 42 different designs currently available there is sure to be something for everybody among them.Each of the designs is unique and have a great impact on the people around you, you’re sure to regularly receive compliments. We understand that the plastic make the case much more durable and therefore why it was probably used. For only $29.00 you can grab this case which makes it one of the cheapest real wood cases on the market and highly recommended by us!

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