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Review of: Bubble Shield Waterproof Sleeve

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On 20th March 2014
Last modified:3rd September 2015

The BubbleShield by The Joy Factory are thin plastic sleeves in which you can place your electronic devices to keep them safe from the elements whether...

The BubbleShield by The Joy Factory are thin plastic sleeves in which you can place your electronic devices to keep them safe from the elements whether it’s the rain and snow or even sand. You may be thinking it looks a little like on odd shaped sandwich bag and you wouldn’t be all that wrong, except the BubbleShield allows you to continue using your mobile device while inside the bag.

Bubble Shield Packaging 1

The BubbleShield comes in a variety of different sizes to suit most smartphones and tablet sizes. The bags aren’t precisely sized to a certain device but instead are a ‘general’ size and therefore multiple devices can fit inside each size. Another great thing about them is that if you have another case installed on your device then there is no need to remove it as the bags have enough room to cater for your device and case. There are in fact 6 different sizes, details of which can be found on The Joy Factory website.

Bubble Shield Packaging 2

As with anything that claims to be water resistant/proof, before I actually test my own personal devices I use a small test card which shows if any liquid manages to reach inside the product. We sealed up the bag and held it underwater for 30 seconds. After pulling it out and inspecting the test card we’re pleased to say that there were no signs of liquid contact. Although passing this test we wouldn’t recommend submerging your device as after all the only thing blocking the water is a pressure zipper.

We also tried walking around for a while outside while it was raining quite heavily and the BubbleShield performed exactly how it should and kept all of the water at bay. The same went for our tests on the beach, and after spending a couple of hours there I was really pleased that I didn’t have to worry about my device getting sand in the headphone and charging ports, while still being able to use all of its functions.

Bubble Shield iPhone Front

One of the main drawbacks about this product is that while your phone is inside the bag you are unable to use some of the functions such as the headphone port and you’re also unable to charge/sync your phone.

In terms of other functionality we found that everything else was pretty much unaffected. For instance the camera. There are numerous clearings on the pattern printed onto the bag which line up with the camera and therefore it doesn’t affect the picture quality at all.
As well as the camera, a phone conversation went without a hitch and you can still hear/be heard clearly through the thin plastic covering.

Bubble Shield iPhone Back

Removing your device is extremely easy and is done so just like you’d remove anything from a sandwich bag. Each bag can also be reused after the device has been removed so ensure you keep them safe and don’t throw them away.
Also located on the top corner is a reinforced holder ring. The ring allows you to clip your BubbleShield to a carabiner or even hang it in the shower.

Our Verdict

The BubbleShield is an excellent product and seems like great value. If you’re looking for protection from drops then unfortunately the BubbleShield will not offer this on it’s own. When you purchase you get multiple units so if one does happen to start wearing out you won’t have to purchase another straight away.
The only drawbacks we found with the product were that some functions were restricted and also using the mute switch and volume buttons were a little awkward, but by no means did it stop you from using them.

Find out more information or purchase yours from the link below. They start at $19.95 for the smartphone BubbleShield (5 pcs) and slightly increase in price as they increase in size.

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