Sold by Proporta this pouch was designed and crafted in collaboration with the Engligh heritage brand, Barbour. Barbour is known for its high quality waxed cotton jackets, and this protective pouch is no exception. The case itself is brown in colour and brandishes the Barbour logo on its front. It is also manufactured with the very same tweed used in all Barbour clothing and the seam is lined with genuine leather.


The pouch isn’t specifically designed for the iPhone5/5S but is instead a universal pouch. When using and testing I found that the iPhone 5 series fitted the pouch the best. As with most products from Proporta it comes with a Lifetime Exchange Warranty, meaning if anything goes wrong with it in the future they will exchange the product for you. A very rare occurrence to find a company with a warranty service like this, and definitely something to bare in mind if purchasing expensive technology products.

Inserting And Removing Phone

When using the product straight from the box brand new I found it to be a little difficult to get the phone to very bottom of the pouch but hopefully this should get a little easier with more use as the case starts to stretch a little around the phone. As mentioned before the pouch isn’t designed for just the iPhone but when placed in the pouch the very top sits just below the seam, meaning if it was dropped the phone would still be protected. To remove your phone there is pull-tab system incorporated within the pouch which provides quick and easy access to your phone when needed.


The main advantage of a pouch is that it really does provide all round protection as well as minimising the need for a screen protector. With your phone in the pouch it is impossible for keys and coins to scratch the screen therefore you really don’t need to have a screen protector attached. On the other hand people may say that you’re phone is more vulnerable to drops and therefore breakages because you are constantly removing it from the case. Because of the tight fit as well you wouldn’t be able to fit even a small cover on the phone within the pouch, so there really isn’t any way to avoid this. 


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  • Lightweight
  • Fasionable
  • Easy access to phone through pull-tab
  • Comes with Lifetime Exchange Warranty
  • 360 degree protection



  • Slightly tight but should change with use



As a user of normal snap-on cases I am very impressed with the pouch and shall definitely be using it for the time being. All in all I haven’t got a bad word to say about the pouch, although being a little tight. The tweed finish is very nice and the tartan lining helps to keep your screen and whole phone scratch free, well worth the £34.95 it costs. I shall keep you updated on how this Barbour pouch goes in the next few weeks, and if inserting the phone improves with continued use. So if you wish to purchase this phone/mp3 sleeve over at Proporta then click the link below to purchase.

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