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Review of: SCUF Infinity1 Xbox One Controller

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On 19th June 2016
Last modified:6th December 2016

I was a fan of the last version of the SCUF Xbox One controller, and the SCUF Infinity1 is no different. Each feature of the control plays an important...

With the Xbox One Elite Controller on the market it was the view of a lot people that professional gamers favourite controller from SCUF would slowly die out. However Scuf Gaming released their new and updated version of the Xbox One controller called the SCUF Infinity1.

SCUF Gamings products have always been loved by professional and home gamers due to the fact that they can give you a competitive edge over other players. Lets see what new features the Infinity1 has to offer.

Scuf Infinity One Controllers


The great thing about SCUF is that they allow you to customise every single aspect of the controller, so how it looks once finished is entirely up you! From the main body colour to the thumbsticks and even the LED logo – it’s all customisable.

You are spoilt for choice in terms of colours and as SCUF is used by many professional players/teams you even have the option to purchase one of their controllers. The Elite Controller, on the other hand, only comes in black.

Faze Scuf One Infinity

The biggest feature of SCUF controllers are the paddles, and this is no different with the Infinity1. They are located on the back of the controller and are hinged onto the battery cover. You can add up to four paddles, and they’re available for free.

However, if you’re not a fan of using them, they’re fully removable, just remove the battery cover and each paddle will disconnect.

SCUF will automatically map the paddles to A,X,Y,B from left to right (when holding controller), however, Electro Magentic Remapping (EMR) will allow you to change this configuration and reassign each paddle to different button. This extra will cost £15.99 and full instructions on how to use EMR can be found on their site.

Scuf Paddles Mapping

Next up is the triggers. Here you can choose to add the FPS Grips which comprise of SCUF Pro grip with the Adjustable Hair Trigger and Trigger Stop mechanism built within. I found the SCUF Pro Grip to be extremely useful when you’ve been playing for an extended preiod and your hands start to become clammy.

The Trigger Stop Mechanisms are again brilliant if you play a lot of first person shooter titles. They stop the triggers from fully depressing which means quicker actions, such as shooting/aiming. The mechanism can be adjusted by inserting the included 0.9mm Allen key into a hole on the grip. Turning clockwise will decrease movement, whereas, anti-clockwise will increase.

SCUF also give the option to remove the rumbles to make the controller lighter, or if you just prefer to play without the vibrations.

Custom Xbox One Controller

Thumbsticks come in a variety of options and colours including long, medium and regular domed; long, medium and regular concave; or the Xbox One defaults. You can combine different sticks on one controller, but be wary of the price when you’re doing so.

A new feature of the Infinity1 is that the thumbsticks are easily removable. To remove them you’ll need to use the included tool which unlocks the SCUF rings. Simply line up the slots and turn clockwise to unlock the rings, the thumbsticks will then pull right out. You can also choose from a variety of SCUF rings.

There is an optional upgrade to the D-pad – this will of course come at an additional cost of £6.99. A Control Disc snaps onto the D-pad and provides greater surface area. This would be particularly useful if you play sporting games such as the FIFA titles.

Scuf custom thumbsticks

As well as the controllers themselves, SCUF offer a wide range of accessories available in either a bundle, called the ‘SCUF Infinity1 Gamers Bundle’ or separately. The bundle includes a SCUF One protection case, 10ft. charging cable, GamerGrip, SCUF lanyard, SCUF thumbstick, Infinity ring and lock kit, SCUF FPS adjustable trigger & pro grip combo.


I’ve been a long user of SCUF controllers and I find it weird to play any FPS without one. This being said, I do mainly play first person shooters and therefore the paddles and trigger stop mechanism work brilliantly and definitely give me an advtange of players using a standard controller.

If, however, I move to play completely different titles such as Forza Motorsport I find myself switching back over to the standard controller as there isn’t much need for any of the cool features.

Scuf Infinity 1 Featured


Also keep in mind that making adjustments can be quite a fiddly process and if you happen to misplace any of the tools that allow you to do this then you’ll lose the ability to customise your SCUF.


I was a fan of the last version of the SCUF Xbox One controller, and the SCUF Infinity1 is no different. Each feature of the control plays an important part and has obviously been thought through before being incorporated into the final release product. The wide variety of colours and options means you can find the perfect combination to suit you.

The price of your SCUF will depend entirely on how much customisation you want, so adding the paddle remapping, control disc and other features will push this price higher.

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