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Review of: Scuf Gaming 4PS Controller

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On 16th August 2015
Last modified:6th December 2016

The Scuf Gaming 4PS is everything that I thought it would be. I had high expectations after using the SCUF One controller and absolutely loving it. I'm...

Scuf Gaming has become a hugely popular brand in the world of gaming, supplying customised controllers and gear to over 90% of professional players. With teams such Optic Gaming, Faze and Denial using their products its hard not to agree they improve your game.

One of the main advantages of having a SCUF controller is the sheer amount of customisation you can apply when ordering. There are numerous colours including team specific designs such as the Green Wall controller for Optic supporters, a chromatic design if you want a shiny finish plus many more options.

I’ve reviewed the SCUF One before and I was incredibly impressed with it, lets see how the Playstation 4 equivalent holds up.

Choosing your paddles:

Choosing your paddles
The Scuf 4PS supports up to 2 paddles on the rear and you can apply any face button to each of the triggers. You will also be offered Electro Magnetic Remapping for an extra cost. This will allow you to reconfigure these triggers at any time you want. So if you assign the traingle button to a trigger when ordering but then decide you wanted to change this, EMR will allow you to do so.

Trigger Options:

Trigger Options
On this page you can choose to include SCUF Fangs. These fangs clip onto the rear triggers on your controller (L2, R2) and are great if you have larger hands. Colour options are also available for you to choose. You also decide whether you want the rumbles removed or not. Some players prefer them out as it gives a much lighter controller and allows you focus on your aim without the vibration.


Choosing grip
All 4PS controllers come with SCUF Pro grip as standard, so simply choose your colour and you’ll be good to go.


Thumbstick options

SCUF offer a range of different thumbsticks suited to different hand sizes. You can choose from white and black, domed and concaved as well as the default PS4 sticks. It’s just a matter of choosing what suits you best.

Other options:

In addition to the previous options above, you can also customise the buttons. Currently on the site you can choose the PS4 default package which includes the standard face buttons or you can select the black button package which looks like the below image.

Control Disc & Black Buttons


You may also add a control disc if you wold like to. This rubber-like disc will cover the d-pad and provide more surface area making it easier for thumb movement. It is fully removable, and the dpad will still fully function without it.


My controller setup:


Scuf Fangs

Rumbles In

SCUF Pro Triggers

SCUF Pro Grip – Red

SCUF Concave Regular Thumbsticks

Black Button Package


I’ve been using the 4PS for over a week now and I’m a huge fan! The SCUF Pro triggers are a big improvement and offer a bigger surface area which makes it easier to activate them.

The black button package also looks brilliant on the controller and this contrast continues around the entire product. If you’re new to playing the PS4, however, you may want to opt for the default button package as you can’t see what each button is when they’re blacked out.

One aspect I wasn’t a massive fan of is the control disc. Although this may be useful for games such as FIFA I didn’t find it that comfortable to use and actually preferred using the standard dpad. However as mentioned before the control disc is fully removable and therefore this wasn’t a problem.

Each new order can take up to 6 weeks max to turn up at your door so if you’re in need of a SCUF quickly I wouldn’t hesitate in ordering.


The Scuf Gaming 4PS is everything that I thought it would be. I had high expectations after using the SCUF One controller and absolutely loving it. I’m pleased to say the Playstation 4 equivalent does not disappoint. Each controller is hand crafted to great precision and every part is somewhat customisable.

The biggest downfall of SCUF controllers are the price, and unfortunately this is where most people are put off. Only serious gamers who are putting in a lot of time and effort are going to want to shell out the £109.99 for the base model. Bare in mind this is the starting price and any extras you decide to add will quickly run this price upwards.

Taking everything into account, my opinion on SCUF controllers remains unchanged, and I’m still a big fan. Although the price maybe a little high, the amount of customisation you can make to your controller is unbeatable and it really does make a difference in-game. Not only this but you have larger or smaller hands these controllers cater to your needs with the paddles and various different thumbsticks.

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