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Review of: Supertooth Disco 3 Speaker

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On 29th March 2014
Last modified:25th February 2017

The Supertooth Disco 3 speaker is the newest addition to the Disco range from Supertooth. This weird looking speaker allows you to stream your music...

The Supertooth Disco 3 speaker is the newest addition to the Disco range from Supertooth. This weird looking speaker allows you to stream your music wirelessly via bluetooth but also includes a convenient 3.5mm AUX port. As well as this you can control your device with the play/pause, step forward/backward and also volume buttons located on the top of the speaker.

Rear of Disco 3 Speaker

Despite being such a weird shape the speaker is surprisingly nice to look at and is very well made. The base is manufactured from plastic while everything above is covered with a soft mesh fabric matching the colour of the speaker you choose. You can choose from 6 different colours which are: black, grey, honey, navy, clay and candy.

Located on the plastic base at the rear of the device you will find 2 ports. Pictured above you will see that it’s a standard DC in port, but on our version it was micro-USB. You’ll also find the 3.5mm AUX in port to the left of it and a small LED which is the charge indicator. Four small rubber feet have been attached to the bottom of the speaker to help it grip different surfaces.

Side View of Disco 3 Speaker

Measuring 180 x 108 x 70mm (Height x Width x Depth) the Disco 3 definitely isn’t what we would call a portable speaker but is still small enough to throw it into a bag for a short trip. In the box you’ll get a mains-USB adapter plug, micro-USB cable to charge your device and of course a 3.5mm AUX cable is also included.

In terms of setting up the speaker, it couldn’t be more simple. You do as you would with any other bluetooth device and search for the speaker via your devices bluetooth settings. It’ll then automatically connect and you’ll be good to start playing your audio through the Disco 3.

Disco 3 Speaker Front

The sound quality of Supertooth’s Disco 3 is pretty good. Packing dual speakers on the front as well as bass reflex on the back the speaker is loud. We’ve tried it out with a few sample tracks and we noticed it performed best with your normal rock/pop music whereas anything that is more bass’y such as house or dub-step then the bass kick did let it down a little. All round though the sound quality was good and we’d be most likely to use this either in the bedroom on a bedside table or just while relaxing in the living room.


Costing £59.99 the Disco 3 is competitively priced and is definitely up there with the similarly priced speakers. Overall it performs well in all areas and with a nice range of colours to choose from it’ll appeal to most people. The battery life of this device is also something to point out as its very impressive lasting up to 15 hours on a medium volume.