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Review of: Ruark Audio MR1 Bluetooth Speaker System

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On 20th February 2014
Last modified:23rd February 2017

The Ruark Audio MR1 Speakers look absolutely amazing and come in 3 different colours: soft white, soft black or rich walnut. We've managed to get our...

The Ruark Audio MR1 Speakers look absolutely amazing and come in 3 different colours: soft white, soft black or rich walnut. We’ve managed to get our hands on a set of the soft white speakers to bring you this review of these truly amazing speakers.

MR1 front & back sides

Each speaker measures 170 x 130 x 135mm (Height x Width x Depth) and therefore is a little bigger than most desktop speakers, but certainly not to the point where they are taking up too much room. They look great either side of your computer monitor or can even be placed on a shelf, either way their modern design is sure to fit in. Packed inside these speakers is Bluetooth capability which is partnered with aptX® audio coding technology which helps to bring you incredible sound quality even when being streamed over Bluetooth.

The curves of these speakers give an all round sleek design and look all so elegant as they sit on your desk or wherever you decide to place them. The right hand speaker acts as the master and hosts all of the ports and switches. On the rear of this speaker you’ll find the output to the left speaker which is achieved with an included cable, as well as the power port and also subwoofer output. There’s also your standard 3.5mm aux input port and an input level switch which allows you to tweak the audio input depending on what device you are using.

MR1 Front and Back

Located on the top of right-hand speaker as well is the volume dial which also functions as the input switcher and power switch. There is a small LED in front of the dial that will indicate which input the speakers are currently using. It’ll flash blue for the Bluetooth input and orange if you’re using a wired connection. To switch between the inputs you can press down the volume dial for a couple of seconds whereas a short press will switch the speakers on/off. There is also an auto sleep mode which will automatically kick in if the speakers are inactive for a certain amount of time. If being used with a TV the units will also automatically sleep and reactivate when the TV is turned on or off.

MR1 Speaker Front

The MR1 utilises two new drive units which have been developed specifically to produce high quality sound. The audio produced is impeccable and they manage to hit low’s, mid’s and high’s equally well. The 75mm mid-bass range drivers and the 20mm tweeters each feature their own neodymium magnet system which allows for greater driver control. When hooked up to your TV these speakers will deal with any sound that is output and produce it to an even greater quality. In terms of watching movies we found that the bass performance was increased if placed against a wall and overall just improved the feeling and impact of what was occurring on screen. While the low range of the speakers was good you didn’t loose any clarity of spoken dialogue which is what we would normally expect to find.

Also in the box you will find a simple and compact remote control which comes in particular use if these are hooked up to your TV.


The MR1 set is everything I had hoped for and expected. The impeccable design, build and sound quality is truly amazing with both 3.5mm and Bluetooth input as well as the option to purchase a battery pack for them so you can use them wherever you  want to. Ruark Audio seemed to have perfectly balanced everything to do with this speaker/HiFi set and even for the price of £299.99 it definitely seems worth it! For being so small they produce some utterly incredible sound and receive a perfect 10/10. (All finishes/colours cost the £299.99).