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Review of: Lava BrightSounds Bluetooth Speaker

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On 5th May 2016
Last modified:6th December 2016

Priced at £39.99 I can't find much wrong with the Lava BrightSounds Bluetooth Speaker. If you have an upcoming party/BBQ and are looking to play music in...

The Lava BrightSounds speaker is dual product and combines a bluetooth speaker with an LED lamp. Although I can’t see it replacing your standalone speaker the cross between a speaker and lamp makes it very attractive for campers and those who love the outdoors.

Full Length Speaker

Aesthetically speaking the product is solid. Around three quarters of the unit is taken up by the lamp which is housed in a white plastic. You can adjust the LED to produce a soft glow through to a brighter white light. The remaining quarter of the unit houses the bluetooth speaker which is wrapped with a sleek metal mesh.

On the very top of unit you’ll find four control buttons which lie flush with the plastic, accompanied by an LED, battery indicator and the brand logo.

Lava BrightSounds buttons

If this was solely a Bluetooth speaker then I’d probably be having a bit of a rant about its size, however, it’s not. The combination of the speaker and lamp kills two birds with one stone, replaces the need for taking two individual products and is still small enough to qualify as ‘portable’.

Adding to its portability is the addition of a faux-leather carry handle which aids when lugging the unit around with you. This speaker also has an IPX4 rating which means it’s splashproof, perfect if you’re using this at a festival, in the garden or on a beach.

You can connect to the BrightSounds speaker either using Bluetooth, or for those devices that lack this wireless connection there is a 3.5mm AUX input available. Another feature available is Bluetooth handsfree so if you receive a call whilst your phone is connected the BrightSounds speaker will allow you to take the call without using your phone, although speaking a little louder is necessary.

Micro-USB & AUX

Once I was all connected I decided to try out the built-in speaker. In all honesty I wasn’t expecting an awful lot, however I was pleasantly surprised. In terms of volume its not the loudest speaker I’ve tested, but despite this it seemed to perform well both indoors and outdoors. For the price you’ll pay for this product, I was satisfied with its performance.

The speaker/lamp can last up to 10 hours when being used as a lamp or 8 hours during music playback thanks to the lithium-ion battery hidden inside. I found charge time to take around 4 hours from an empty battery. Another nice addition is that you can still use the device while it is being charged so you won’t be left without audio even for a short period.


Priced at £39.99 I can’t find much wrong with the Lava BrightSounds Bluetooth Speaker. If you have an upcoming party/BBQ and are looking to play music in the background while your guests enjoy the sun this product is a sound choice. It’s not overwhelmingly loud and therefore you won’t have to worry about upsetting your neighbours through the long Summer evenings.