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On 16th February 2014
Last modified:24th February 2017

The Edifier Aurora speaker system comes with 2 relatively small satellite speakers and also a larger subwoofer that measures 28cm in length. For the size...

The Edifier Aurora speaker system comes with 2 relatively small satellite speakers and also a larger subwoofer that measures 28cm in length. For the size of these speakers they really do pack a punch and will easily fill you standard room with high quality sound.

Aurora Satellite Speaker

The packaging of the product is minimal and the attention is focused on the product through a small transparent window on the front. The rear of the packaging contains a few technical specifications and also some of the main features of these little speakers. Once you get opening there is quite a lot of padding to ensure they’re not damaged during shipping which is nice to see. Once your into the box you’ll find: 1x Subwoofer, 2x Satellite Speakers (with fixed cables), 1x Power Adapter, 2x Audio Connecting Cables (3.5mm) and also a user manual.

Setting this system up is incredibly easy and everything is nicely labelled to help you as well. On the rear of subwoofer you’ll find an array of different ports. The first one (left-to-right) is the power input and this is where you’ll hook up your mains power to. The next port we have is for the speakers. The 2 satellite speakers have a fixed cable which simply plugs straight into this speaker port. And the last port on the right hand side is for your standard 3.5mm audio input jack. Once everything is plugged in simply switch on the power and hit play!

In terms of sound quality this 2.1 speaker system is simply amazing. It doesn’t matter what music genre you throw at the them they produce a high quality and pleasing sound. Anything with a more heavy bass the subwoofer will definitely benefit you, and they’re also great for when your watching a movie. Explosions and gun-fire sound so much more realistic while any dialogue and speech is still easily understood. If we were being really picky then the mid range tones are a little weak but if you’re just your everyday user you probably wouldn’t notice this. On the left-hand satellite speaker you’ll find 2 small volume buttons which went set to full volume will still produce an incredibly clear sound with little distortion. This is thanks to the Electric Intelligent Distortion Control (E.I.D.C) system that adjusts the speakers to avoid an overload on the input.

Aurora Colour Selection

The speaker set comes in 10 different colours so you’re sure to find at least one that takes your fancy. They look absolutely great with the brushed aluminium finish and definitely won’t look out of place on your desk. The build quality of them also deserves a mention as the subwoofer feels solid in the hand an also has a nice weight to it.


The Aurora speaker system is a high quality and great sounding speaker set. The audio produced from these 2 tiny speakers and subwoofer is great and whether you’re listening to music or watching a film it’ll deal with it. As stated by Edifier this system is the perfect companion for notebook or PC, MP3 players, digital media, iPod and iPhones, although it won’t be replacing your HiFi just yet.
The MP300 will set you back just £49.99 which is an absolute steal for this system, you really do get bang for your buck here. They’re available at various retailers throughout the UK including Amazon, Argos, Apple, PC World and Currys. Click the link below to learn more and purchase yours