Veho VS-2 Headphones
Review of: Veho ZS-2 Sports Headphones

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On 24th November 2016
Last modified:5th December 2016

Overall, I would describe the Veho ZS-2 as a 'strictly average' set of headphones. I have found them online retailing for nearer £30 and in my opinion...

Today we bring you a full, comprehensive review of the ZS-2 water resistant sports headphones from Veho. These stereo earphones come in a water, rain & sweat resistant body with a range of colours including blue/black and yellow/black. They are rated IP64, which means that these sports earphones will be protected from total dust ingress and water spray from any direction, ideal for when you’re going out on a run, or partaking in any sports.

Veho ZS-2 Close Up


The ZS-2 headphones from Veho provide very comfortable fit with a rubbery textured finish. They feature a flat-flex anti tangle durable cord system and the ever-popular hooked band design to fit over the ears to make sure that the headphones stay in place during sports, exercise and general movement.

During our experience of the VS-2 we encountered no issues of the headphones falling out or off of our ears and when tested in rain, no problems were encountered! Our only downfall with the design was in fact the flat styled headphones, they seem a little weak in places and we encountered some issues with sound coming through one of the headphones. Quite a big issue having only had them for 24 hours at this point!


In terms of performance the 10mm acoustic drivers that the Veho ZS-2 include, provide crisp sound that tends to lean towards aggressive mids. Treble is clear and not too harsh but the bass lacks that ‘thump’ we’re always looking for.

Veho ZS2 Headphones

A 3.5mm auxiliary jack finishes of the flat cable as expected, so these won’t work with the new iPhone 7, however, you’ll be good go to with just about any other mobile device. The sound quality I experienced was modest at best, and could definitely be improved in the bass region, although these headphones are currently retailing for just under £7 on Amazon so I wasn’t expecting a great deal more. Listening to songs such as ‘’The Weeknd – Starboy’’ the sound became a little distorted and couldn’t seem to handle the lower spectrum. This does seem to be an ongoing problem, so hopefully Veho can fix this in future releases.


Overall, I would describe the Veho ZS-2 as a ‘strictly average’ set of headphones. I have found them online retailing for nearer £30 and in my opinion they are just not worth this – there are plenty of other headphones which offer superior sound and build quality for this price.