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Review of: Ultrasone Pyco In-Ear Headphones

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On 15th February 2014
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The headphones themselves come in 3 different colours; black, orange and white. It's nice to see the addition of another colour that isn't just black or...

Here we have a product from Ultrasone who produce and manufacture high-end audio equipment including HiFi systems, DJ headphones and what we are looking at today, the Ultrasone Pyco in-ear headphones.

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The headphones themselves come in 3 different colours; black, orange and white. It’s nice to see the addition of another colour that isn’t just black or white and I’m sure they’ll be the most popular out of the 3, after all we all love something that looks a little different. For the purpose of this review we have the orange set which in person actually looks more of a bronze colour.

The headphones come in a nice shiny box that has 2 small cuts outs which give you a view of your headphones in the box. On the rear you will find some technical specifications of the product as listed below.

Technical Specifications


Driver: Dynamic / 6.5mm

Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Impedance: 16 Ohm


Weight: 6 g

Non detachable Cable: 1,2 m cable with microphone & remote

Sensitivity (@1 kHz) SPL at 0,1V: 96 dB

Once you unbox the headphones themselves you will be greeted with small but very sturdy feeling set of in-ear headphones. They are manufactured from high grade aluminium to ensure long lasting wear, but we also prefer the metal look and feel over plastic as it feels much higher quality. Another thing you’ll notice right away is the fixed cable which is equipped with an inline microphone and remote control. This like most headphones allows you to control audio playback and phone calls.

Also included in the box are 5 pairs of silicon earbud tips (S/M/L/M long/L long) as well as 2 pairs of the high-quality T-100 Comply foam tips (M/L). This ensures that you find your perfect fit that will provide good insulation against any background noise and allow you to concentrate completely on the audio experience. Ultrasone also state that a high-quality audio cable is equipped but to us it seems like your pretty standard cable you receive on any headphones, although you do receive a very nice hard-shell storage and transportation case with 2 small mesh pouches inside. You’ll also find a flight adapter and an OMTP adapter which is nice to see as they are included as standard.

Ultrasone Pyco Orange & Case

These tiny headphones are fitted with a pair of 6.5mm drivers which as stated by Ultrasone produce an impressively dynamic, life-like sound. In terms of sound quality we found it to be average. One thing we were very surprised at was at the lack of bass these produced. They lean very much towards the higher end of the spectrum to the point that if the song also leans that way they create a slightly tinned sound. If you’re looking for a pair of in-ear headphones that produce an even sound across the high’s, mid’s and low’s then unfortunately we recommend you look elsewhere maybe at the TYLT Tunz Stereo Headset which do this. If you’re not bothered about hearing the mid/low’s or are happy with very little bass and mid-tones for that matter then you’re probably looking in the right place.


Overall the Pyco headphones are very well built and feel great in the hand and in the ears. The foam ear tips work great in blocking out background noise and are extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Unfortunately we must say that the sound quality really do let them down and stop them from scoring any higher. They lean very much towards the high tones and its very difficult to hear the bass and even mid-range tones. In future editions we would to see this evened out so we receive a clear, crisp sound with an balanced audio output from the 6.5mm drivers.

These are currently priced at $199.95 over at the Ultrasone website, and again for this price there are better earphones on the market. We will send our feedback to Ultrasone and hopefully if they release any more editions we will see this fixed. Unfortunately we wouldn’t recommend them to our readers but instead you can pick up the Ei8htball In-ear headphones for less than half the price but also a more balanced sound.

If you would like to learn more about the Pyco in-ear headphones or give them a try yourself and see what you think then head over to the Ultrasone website using the link below.

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