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Review of: Pioneer SE-MX9 Headphones

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On 17th October 2014
Last modified:20th January 2017

These Pioneer SE-MX9 headphones take on Beats products head-on and in my opinion the SE-MX9 easily come out on top. Overall they are a very impressive...

The Pioneer SE-MX9 are a stylish pair of over-ear headphones. Pioneer are very well known within the audio scene and have been producing equipment such as headphones and DJ equipment for tens of years. In appearance they are absolutely stunning and definitely look like they’re going head-to-head with rival manufacturers – most notably Beats.

SE-MX9 Headphones Side View

In the nicely designed packaging, along with your headphones you’ll find a standard auxiliary cable (1.2m) with inline controls, a coiled auxiliary cable (2.0m), two individual jack adapters (aeroplane adapter / quarter-inch jack) and a protective carrying pouch. These two cables can be easily swapped out, and plugged into either side of the headphones. When the jack is twisted it will also lock into place preventing it from falling or being pulled out. All of these accessories are built to a high quality to ensure great audio as well as a long life span.

The headphones themselves are available in three different colours: copper, silver or black. They’re manufactured from a mixture of plastic, silicone and aluminium metal. The three materials give the headphones a great look whilst ensuring they’re strong and sturdy enough to survive a few bumps and knocks.

Black Silver Headphones

Each ear cup houses a high performance 50mm driver. They also rotate 90 degrees to help with portability, and to ensure they fit in the protective pouch easily. Each ear cup and the whole length of the headband is padded which allows you to enjoy them for a fair while before the aching sensation sets in. This will obviously be different for each individual user, but for myself I found the headphones a little tight at times and this did lead to them becoming uncomfortable to wear. Every so often I would have to remove the headphones so I could readjust to the pressure being put on my ears.

Copper Ear Cup Close Up

As promised by Pioneer you will feel as though your in a club when wearing these headphones, even if you’re relaxing in your room or making your way to work on the tube. Sound leakage is controlled very well and you can wear them without worrying you’re annoying those people sat next to you on the bus. They also do a great job of blocking other third party sounds so you can enjoy your music without that annoying crying baby in the background.


These Pioneer SE-MX9 headphones take on Beats products head-on and in my opinion the SE-MX9s easily come out on top. Overall they are a very impressive headset, both aesthetically and in terms of sound quality. With the detachable cord and protective case you really can take these headphones with you anywhere.

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