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Review of: Jaybird X2 Wireless Headphones

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On 24th April 2016
Last modified:6th December 2016

The Jaybird X2 wireless headphones are the predecessors to the now hugely popular BlueBuds X which were first introduced to the market in 2012. Wireless...

The Jaybird X2 wireless headphones are the predecessors to the now hugely popular BlueBuds X which were first introduced to the market in 2012. Wireless headphones have seen a huge growth in recent years and with rumours rife that Apple maybe ditching the 3.5mm aux port on their next mobile device I can’t see this trend slowing down.


Jaybird have gone to some lengths to ensure that everyone is happy by creating six different colour options including: Midnight Black, Alpha, Ice, Fire, Storm White and Charge. In summary they look very similar to the previous BlueBuds, however the build quality and aesthetics have improved as you would expect.

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One thing that hasn’t changed, and I’m pleased to say is that they still come with a lifetime warranty against sweat-related damages. This partnered with “sports-fins” which help to keep them in your ears when playing sport or moving around make them the perfect audio accessory for the gym.

Also included in the box are plenty of spare tips. You’ll find your usual 3-pairs of silicone ear-tips but also 3-pairs of comply memory foam tips. After trialling a pair of both I swayed towards the memory foam tips, purely because of a better fit which helped with noise isolation, but also because they were just generally more comfortable in my opinion.

During my testing I used the X2’s in the gym with and without the sport-fins. I first tried the headphones without the sport-fins installed, and found it nearly impossible to carry out any exercise without them falling out of my ears. However, once I slid on the sports-fins (extremely easy to do) the X2s weren’t going anywhere, and I managed to finish the whole session without them coming loose or falling out.

Jaybird X2 Box Contents

Also included in the box you’ll get a nicely designed carrying case that can be used to transport the headphones and charging cable while keeping them safe.


As you may have guessed the headphones connect to your audio device using Bluetooth 2.1. If you owned a pair of the BlueBuds X then you’ll know about Jenna voice prompts – these are still present in the X2s and are very useful when pairing a device or finding out if the battery is low.

As expected you will find an inline mic and standard 3-button remote. The two volume buttons also act as the forward and backward skip. Simply holding the volume plus for one second will skip to the next track, whilst the volume down will skip backward a track. The incredibly small middle button will answer/end calls, pause/resume music and if you have an iPhone can activate Siri. This also acts as your power on/off button.

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One minor disappointment I found was the very plasticky feel to the inline remote. Compared to the rest of the headset it felt cheap and the buttons were so small they could be quite fiddly at times.


The X2s claim a battery life of 8 hours, and although in my tests they get pretty close to that, I’ve yet to reach the full 8 hours, but this may be in part that I listen to my music quite loud! Even still, I manage to get 6.5/7 hours out of them which considering their size is still pretty impressive.

The headphones are charged using a micro-USB cable (included). You can find the port on the back of the right headphone concealed under a hidden flap. Simply pry it back with your nail and you can plug the cable straight in. Depending on power source a full charge should take around 2-2.5 hours.

Jaybird x2 Boxes

Audio Quality

So far, so good, however, headphones would be pretty useless if the audio quality was awful. Luckily though, Jaybird will not let you down.

Sometimes on in-ear headphones the bass can be overpowered and drown out the mids and highs, and although the lows are noticeable if listening to a particularly bassy song, they are not overpowered. This is the same with the midrange which has also found its place without being overpowering or drowned out.

The highs also have great clarity and thankfully they’re not piercing which you will find in a lot of recent headphones, especially in-ear.

Jaybird X2 Athlete

Overall the soundstage is impressive and you can quite easily single out individual instruments within soundtracks. As mentioned before I would recommend the memory foam ear tips for the best in-ear seal and prevent outside noises from seeping in. Again as previously stated I like to listen at high volumes but as the foam tips did a great job at sealing my ears I found myself listening at a lower volume that I thought I would.


If you’re looking to buy a pair of the X2s, they will set you back a penny short of £150.00, which is a hefty price tag. However putting aside the price it’s difficult to point out anything wrong with the Jaybird X2 wireless headphones.

The sound quality is good, the design is an improvement on the BlueBuds X and they come with a lifetime warranty against sweat-related damages. All-in-all I’m a big fan and they’ve now become my headphones of choice for the gym and running.