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Review of: DENON AH-D600 Headphones

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On 9th March 2014
Last modified:25th February 2017

With an RRP at £500 the Denon AH-D600 headphones are a huge financial commitment although you can currently snag them for just £200 on Amazon which we...

With an RRP at £500 the Denon AH-D600 headphones are a huge financial commitment although you can currently snag them for just £200 on Amazon which we think is an absolute steal. Whilst not the cheapest out there, they will blow pretty much any similar priced headphones clean out of the picture.

AH-D600 Packaging Box

The first thing you’ll notice is the high quality packaging that these headphones arrive in. They are presented in a really nice heavy duty cardboard box which is also textured to give it a great feeling and look. Once you open the box you’ll find the pair of headphones lying on a bed of bronze silk which looks absolutely stunning. As well as this you’ll get a nice smell of brand new leather as soon as the box is opened from the leather ear-pads. You can see that no shortcuts have been taken in the design of this.

AH-D600 Packaging Box 2

The first thing I noticed when putting these on was how they gently cupped your ears and fell effortlessly over them. The leather ear-cups fit perfectly over your ears and work wonders in blocking any external sounds out. The headphones themselves are quite heavy and after a couple of hours may put a strain on the back of your neck.

Included in the box you’ll get two cables. One is around 3-meters in length with a nice threaded exterior. The other is much thinner and shorter but also has an in-line microphone with volume and play/pause buttons. There’s also a gold plated adapter as well as nicely made fabric zipper carry case. The case has a rubber Denon logo stitched onto the front and comes with a metal karabiner if you wish to carry it this way.

Headphones with gold plated jack

The design, although quite synthetic looking looks very sleek and modern. The frame of the D600’s is very sturdy and you will be hard pressed to break them in an accidental way. With a small metal branding disk on the rear of each ear cup they really stand out with help from the embossed silver text. You can see great care has been taken with the stitching on the ear covers and there are no blemishes/scuffs on them as the headphones are covered in protective plastic when first purchased. One thing which really stood out, is the interchangeable cables. Thanks to this system you can say goodbye to broken or fraying cables as a simple swap out will have you back in action in no time.

Audio Quality

The sound of the Denon AH-D600’s is phenomenal. The separation that they offer is incredible and it’ as though you are surrounded by each of the individual instruments in a live performance. By having this level of clarity and separation it gives you a more powerful and dynamic sound.
Whether you’re listening to rock, electronic, house or any other genre of music the AH-D600 reach both ends of the spectrum spectacularly. You will without a doubt notice the ‘oomph’ behind the bass and unlike many other headphones this doesn’t affect the power of the other frequencies.

Not only do these headphones produce superb sound with music but we also tested them with movies through the TV. Again they seem to balance everything from deep sounding explosions to the crispness of vocals and everything else. You get all of this while the headphones themselves give you a feeling of your surroundings thanks to quality.


The AH-D600s are absolutely outstanding when it comes to the sound. The design is good and the packaging also reflects the price. As mentioned earlier the only issue we found with them was the weight.

If I were looking for a pair of portable headphones for on the go, then I’m not 100% sure that the Denon AH-D600s are the ones to go for, and you’d be better off looking elsewhere. For £500 there are definitely other luxury headphones on the market which don’t have a plastic body but at their current price of just £200 they blow any competition at this price straight out of the water.