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Review of: Acorn Audio E1 Headphones

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On 21st June 2014
Last modified:16th August 2015

Acorn Audio are a relatively small British based company that manufacture headphones with real wood. When asked if we'd like to review a pair of their E1...

Acorn Audio are a relatively small British based company that manufacture headphones with real wood. When asked if we’d like to review a pair of their E1 headphones we jumped at the opportunity and got straight onto it.

The packaging is great and reminded me of Apple’s products. The headphones are extremely well protected as they’re set into foam to ensure no damage during delviery. They only thing missing for us were two acorn stickers.

Acorn Audio E1 Packaging

Straight away this set of headphones stands out due to the fact they’re encased in real wood. It’s a nice change to see something other than plastic or rubber used on a set of in-ear headphones and the E1’s are certainly heading in the right direction to fill the ‘uniqueness’ gap in this market.

Acorn Audio E1 In Box

Although the wood contributes to the aesthetics of the device there is also a technical reason it’s used. Acorn Audio mention that speakers not only produce sound from the front, but also from behind. Using a high density material such as wood separates the sounds preventing them from cancelling each other out and therefore gives a richer bass. Wood provides exceptional acoustics by containing more of the sound waves within the concealed cavity.

The headphones take your normal form factor and use the wood very cleverly. Just over half of the speaker casing is made from wood and on the end of each you’ll find a tiny acorn engraved. To finish them off there are then small black plastic supports which allows you to attach the silicone ear tips.

Acorn Audio E1 Engraved Acorn

Unfortunately there is no flat cable included to prevent wire tangling which would have been a great addition. The cable is finished with a gold plated 3.5mm auxiliary jack. Personally I thought the wires had very little protection and they felt as though they were going to break with just a few bends. Also you won’t be finding an in-line microphone or volume controls.

When first testing we found the bass to be weak which was a massive surprise seeing as this was what Acorn Audio was pretty much selling the headphones on. Fortunately when pushed into our ear a little further the silicone ear tips sealed the ear canal and the full effect of the headphones was unleashed. They produced clear bass which could be heard clearly and with no distortion. Even with the volume set to the maximum on our device the headphones stood their ground and managed to deliver crisp audio. We did however find that the bass became a little overpowering shadowing some of the more subtle and backing instruments which was a little bit of a shame.

Acorn Audio E1 Headphones

The rubber ear tips work great to seal your ear canal and keep background noise out. This makes them ideal for travelling and taking on the go especially when using public transport which can be a nightmare if you have low quality headphones which allow sound to pass through. I also found that they don’t leak sound so you don’t have to worry about others hearing your music.

Our Verdict

If you’re into your house, R&B and deep bass music then these headphones may be a great fit for you. If you enjoy music with a little less bass then you may be better suited looking at another pair of headphones as the E1’s are definitely weighted towards the bass end of the scale. In terms of aesthetics they look great and is a refreshing change to the standard plastic exterior. Overall though a nice pair of headphones which sound good and to top it all off they’re made by a British company.

Headphones aren’t the only item that Acorn Audio sell as they also sell real wood phone cases for the iPhone 5/5s and Samsung Galaxy S4. You can pickup the E1 headphones from Amazon and the official Acorn Audio website for £29.99. Use the link below to visit their official website.

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