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Review of: Ten One Design Pogo Connect

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On 4th April 2014
Last modified:3rd September 2015

Most styluses on the market are very simple and consist of a metal or plastic tube with a rubberised tip. The Ten One Design Pogo Connect is slightly...

Most styluses on the market are very simple and consist of a metal or plastic tube with a rubberised tip. The Ten One Design Pogo Connect is slightly different and is actually electronic connecting to your device via bluetooth.

Pogo Connect Stylus

The Pogo Connect consists of an aluminium tube which is a little thicker than your average AAA battery, it’s more the width of a AA battery. At one end you’ll find a removable rubber tip which can be swapped out for a whole array of others available to purchase on their website. The tips stay affixed with deeply set magnets to ensure they won’t become dislodged during use. Just above the tip you’ll find a small button with an integrated LED which when lit will indicate different things. It also allows you to connect to your device and in a few apps will act as a separate command button.

On the opposite end you’ll find a well hidden screw cap which hides the battery compartment. A single AAA battery is needed to power the bluetooth functionality, which inevitably does add weight to the device. Many would take this as a negative but as with most good quality writing instruments I felt this flowed better and felt more natural.

Pogo Connect App Location

Connecting the Pogo to your device isn’t done the normal way as you would expect through the settings menu, instead it is done through the dedicated Pogo Connect app which is completely free, as you would expect. The app is nicely designed and connecting the to the stylus is well explained through a small number of steps. Another nice feature of the app is ‘Ping my Pogo’ which helps to locate the device if it’s lost, and although it’s not entirely accurate 100% of the time, it’s the first stylus that I’ve ever seen with this function.

The Pogo Connect is pressure sensitive meaning that pressure you apply will be shown on screen when drawing, producing lines/strokes of different widths and weights. This means you can create artwork which is a lot more realistic and reflects the transparency and thickness as if you were using a real pen.

Pogo Connect Magnetic Tips

One problem we had was that the device wasn’t backward compatible which meant it only worked with 3rd/4th generation iPads. Although for those with an iPhone 4 or newer there is a bridging app which is completely free, which’ll enable you to use the stylus with an older iPad or tablet. Although it’s nice to see this, it’s quite a long winded process just to connect up a stylus.

There is quite a small array of apps that are said to be compatible with the Pogo Connect. Most of which we tested seemed to connect fine although we did have to connect the stylus twice with most for some odd reason. One of the apps we tested, the much featured Paper app, didn’t let us connect the stylus at all and actually just kept force closing. We tried this on two separate iPad’s with the same results.

Pogo Connect in use

One other problem we encountered was the accidental contact of your palm when writing. When this happened the pen sometimes got confused and didn’t respond. Although this isn’t a major issue and can be avoided by holding the pen a little higher. It’s a given that this may take a while to get used to but it is a work around.

Our Verdict

At first the Pogo Connect is quite difficult to get to grips with but rest assure you can achieve things with the device that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to, or would be much more difficult.

Unfortunately it falls down in the amount of apps which support the Pogo Connect and the restrictions they have. They have all sorts of connectivity problems which is nothing to do with the device itself, but something the applications need to fix. Some of the features of the stylus also aren’t supported by many apps especially the LED representing the colour you’re drawing with.

The pressure sensitivity is probably the main selling point of the Pogo Connect, and if that’s must then the Pogo Connect is great. But if you can live without it then this may not be for you.

It’ll cost you $79.95 over at the Ten One Design website, but be sure to go over and check it out as well as read the compatibility documentation first by following the link below.

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