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Review of: Phonesuit Flex Pocket Charger

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On 18th February 2014
Last modified:3rd September 2015

The Phonesuit Flex pocket charger body is encased in anodized aluminium which comes in a variety of different colours. The body follows the shape of a...

The battery life of smartphones these days are lasting less and less despite the manufacturers attempting to improve them. Apple made the choice to swap out the 30-pin connector for the much smaller lightning connector but by doing so they have made many 30-pin accessories redundant. One of the biggest product markets hit by this change was the external battery and battery phone cases. For those who need the extra juice most people have turned to the battery case, but if that’s not for you then we have another option, the Phonesuit Flex Pocket Charger.

Phonesuit Pocket Charger Packaging

The Flex pocket charger body is encased in anodized aluminium which comes in a variety of different colours. The body follows the shape of a tear drop with the lightning connector mounted at the top for easy access. A small plastic cap is included to fit over the lightning connector when not in use and helps to prevent the connector being damaged. The cap once fitted is nice and secure to the point where it is actually quite hard to remove, but we prefer this than it being too lose and easily coming off. Moving to the sides of the device, on one end is a micro-USB port which is used to charge up the battery, four LED charge indicators as well as a simple touch button. The other end of the device is bare.

Phonesuit Pocket Charger

The great thing about the Flex charger is that there are no wires and therefore won’t be getting tangled up while being stored in your bag. The 2600mAh battery holds enough charge to completely recharge an iPhone 5’s 1440mAh battery and still have plenty of charge left over. The output of the device is actually 1 amp so while it can actually provide power to an iPad/iPad Mini the charging process would be slow. Another great feature is that it supports pass-through charging meaning you can charge your phone and the Flex battery at the same time.

Phonesuit front & back

Phonesuit advertise up to 125% extra iPhone 5s power, and on our tests it fell just short of this giving us 117%, which in our books is still good. If you haven’t got enough time for a full charge then a quick 20 minutes will give you an extra 20%, although a full charge will only take around 2 hours. The device measures just 1.1 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches¬†(Height x Width x Depth)¬†and weighs just 2.78 ounces which makes it pocket friendly and also ideal for travel.

Our Verdict

The Phonesuit Flex Pocket Charger is a well built, portable charger with an integrated lightning connector removing the need for any wires. This little device will add hours of battery life to your iPhone and ensure you have enough juice to keep you going. Phonesuit state that you will receive up to 18 hours talk time / 22 hours video time / 90 hours music time. It’s fair to say that a battery case will probably keep you going longer but if you don’t want to add extra bulk to your device but still want a small and nice looking way of charging your phone on the go, then the Flex pocket charger is definitely the one for you.

This device will set you back $69.95 over at their website, so head on over using the link below.

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