SPRNG Clip Blue

Probably one of the cheapest and smallest gadgets you will find around these days, even so this little pair of SPRNG™ clips are definitely up there with the most useful.
The SPRNG™ Clip was created by the Canadian company OHM Industrial Designers. I’m sure most have had the problem when Apple’s Earpods just don’t want to stay in your ear and keep slipping out of place, well this is your solution. The clips simply attach onto the left and right earpods, by either slipping or snapping them on. The soft and flexible material is specially designed to fit whatever the ear shape.

The great the thing about the SPRNG™ clip is although its so simple it still manages to look elegant and not look out of place on the Earpods. They come in good use whether you are going for a jog, heading out to the gym or just on your daily commute, you can rely on a pair SPRNG™ Clips to keep your Earpods in place.

Before now SPRNG™ clips have only been available in the US, but a company by the name of iLoveApple have announced that they will soon begin selling them! At a price of only £8.99 they really are a steal, and I suggest you keep your eyes peeled for when they go on sale. Of course, we will as always keep you updated as to when they do, as well as hopefully bringing you a review soon! Check them out by clicking here.