Gramohorn Speaker

This incredible acoustic speaker is made exclusively for the HTC One smartphone. Designed by Justin Wolter, the Gramohorn project was born with the help of HTC to promote the HTC One headset.

Gramohorn Speaker 1

The way this speaker works is any sound emitted from the phones speakers is chanelled and amplified, which in turn increases the volume by up to 50% without the need for any power or cables. Lower frequencies and bass notes are also enhanced to produce deeper and better sounding music. The speaker itself is 3D printed in a delicate plaster-based composite material which is then carefully hand-finished, alternatively a stainless steel finish is available. Each Gramohorn is made to order, which makes each unit unique, personal and one of a kind.

Gramohorn HTC One

At the most basic and product-orientated level, the Gramohorn’s aim is to address the ever growing capability of smartphones, with the increasingly easy accessibility to digital music.
When talking about 3D printing and 3D printed objects you wouldn’t normally think of them being viewed and accepted as works of art, but on this occasion I think it would be fair to class this speaker as a fine piece art, as well as a functioning speaker.

The Gramohorn project attempts to establish and enforce uniqueness, originality, authenticity and historical testimony in 5 ways:

  1. Introducing a human element in hand-finishing and assembly
  2. Offering a wide choice of colours and finishes
  3. Establishing a limited print run to control supply
  4. Adding a unique number to each model prior to printing (metal-based version only)
  5. Deleting 3D model files after completion of print run.


Product Overview

  • Dimensions: 580mm (W) x 190mm (D) x 230mm (H)

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Plaster-Based Product

  • Finish: Zp131 Polymer emulsion spray finish
  • Availability: 100 pcs in total (22 different colours)
  • Price: £999

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Metal-Based Product

  • Finish: Stainless steel powder with infused bronze
  • Availability: 10 pcs in each of 3 finishes (Silver, Gold, Wheat Penny)
  • Price: £4999


As mentioned above the plaster based version of the speakers will set you back a cool £999, whereas the metal based version is a mind whopping £4999 – but it is infused with bronze, fancy right…
So if you happen to have a cool £1000, or if you like the more expensive things in life, £5000 lying around waiting to be spent, then definitely head on over to the Gramohorn website to find out more or even place your order!